Elected in 2016 for 2017-19 Term

Cynthia Byron-Williford  Cynthia is a long time resident of Philadelphia. She has worked for the School District of Philadelphia for 17 years, first as a teacher, now as a school counselor. Cynthia became involved with USG in 2010 when she was introduced to the church by her wonderful and charming husband, Bob Williford. She joined USG in 2012. Cynthia has been supporting our youth through her involvement with YRUU since 2011. She has served on the CSD committee and she’s committed to helping young people throughout Philadelphia.

Alan Windle Unitarian Universalist since 1999 and a member of USG since 2004. Daily meditator in Buddhist tradition since 1994. Christian UU since 2014. Served full term on USG Board and served as Board Secretary for most of that term. Served as Worship Associate and chair of Worship Arts Committee for several years. Has given three sermons over the past few years, some also at other UU churches. Received USG service award. Started Green Sanctuary Committee at USG. Professional software engineer with Masters in Computer Science from Villanova.

Elected in 2015 for 2016-18 Term

John Davis has been a member of USG since 2005, and is currently working with the auction committee and as an usher. He works as an engineer and customer service representative for Moberg Research, a small medical equipment manufacturer, which designs and develops leading-edge brain monitoring equipment. He lives in East Mt. Airy with his wife Joanne and Alex, a large, very lovable black cat. Our son Ed, lives in Mt. Airy, and Rick, his wife Traci, and our grand-twins live much too far away in Fraser, Colorado. He loves that USG accepts and embraces all religions, and its focus on equality for all.  He is honored to have been selected to work with the nominating committee and is looking forward to being part of the team which will determine the next leaders of our congregation.

Ilene Klein has been a member of USG since 2006. She has been very active on the Child Spiritual Development Committee, formerly serving as chair. She and Monae Klein-Scearce, her daughter with Eli Scearce, attended the Service Learning Trip to Haiti in January, 2014, as members of the USG Haiti Team. She has also been very active on the Seder Committee each year.

Elected in 2014 for 2014-17 Term

Rick Rodes has been attending USG since 2009 and became a Member of USG along with his wife, Judy, in 2012. Several years ago they joined the choir and with significant help from his “Bass Buddies”, Rick has been an active and regular member of Mark’s group. Additionally, since his retirement in 2012, Rick has participated on several churchcommittees and is presently active on the Adult Spiritual Development committee.

Sarah West has been a member of USG since 1974. She currently is a co-chair of the Caring System and has served on many committees including two terms on the Board (president for a total of 3 years), Budget & Finance, Assistant to the Financial Secretary and Treasurer, Adult Spiritual Development, Sunday School teacher, Stewardship Committee, and MLK Day. She is delighted to see new members and new families joining the church, connecting to the life of our community, and later contributing to our governance system.