Racism Book/Study Group

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

For October, we are reading Darkening the Doorways, by Mark Morrison Reed. It is a tale of systemic paternalism and a prejudicial failure of vision, of squandered opportunities and good intentions turned into tragedy more often than triumph. On the other hand, it is a tale of idealism, courage, intrepid allies, dogged determination and steadfast loyalty in the face of rejection. The life stories and achievements of the African American Unitarians and Universalists you will discover in these pages are remarkable. Mark Morrison-Reed’s collection of profiles and essays, supplemented by archival documents, revives their memory while pointing toward the evolving multicultural future. Treva has copies of all the books for sale or loan. The October session will likely be moved to October 15 or 22.

The group began in July. It will generally meet monthly. It will be sharing and listening until everyone has had a chance to share once and then discussion. All are welcome and asked to do the reading in advance.  We have read UUs of Color, Centering and Black Pioneers in a White Denomination.

Treva Burger leads the group, contact her with questions or if you would like to buy or borrow a book from her, trevawb@gmail.com.

USG - Sullivan Chapel-3


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