Reproductive Justice takes the issues of birth control, abortion, and sex education out of the realm of just “women’s” issues and places them firmly in the broader context of human and societal issues. In other words, men are part of this, too! Currently the local work toward reproductive justice is being done through UUPLAN.

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Additional Resources:

Please follow this link to read a definition and history of the term “reproductive justice.”

UUA info on Comparing FrameworksWhat is Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice?

For information on the Religious Coalition of Reproductive Choice (RCRC), visit the organization’s website.

UUs have a rich and successful tradition of advocating for reproductive rights: to birth control, to abortion, and to sex education in public schools. In the last two decades, however, there has been a growing movement–led by women of color–that “rights” are meaningless if they are not economically, socially, or politically accessible. As a result, UU congregations all across the country are talking about shifting their approach from rights or choice to reproductive justice. It’s also one of the options the upcoming General Assembly Phoenix might select as the next Congregational Study/Action Issues, meaning that the whole UUA will focus on it from 2012 to 2016.

We are also inviting UUs from other congregations to join us as so we can leverage our presence in the wider community and really make a difference on this issue. Please join us and invite your friends!