The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office was founded on October 24, 1945. It is engaged in international advocacy work at the UN based on Unitarian Universalist (UU) values. From involvement in the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to leading the faith caucus to establish the International Criminal Court, to overcoming UN apathy about sexual orientation & gender identity issues, the UU-UNO has a long history of providing strong leadership in all aspects of human rights at a policy level through UN consultative status.
Visit the UUUNO on the UUA website fort he most up to date information.

The intergenerational Spring Seminar is entitled Arm in Arm: Interfaith Action to Disarm Our Planet. It will be April 6-8, 2017 in New York City. (Youth and sponsors will arrive April 5th for orientation.) Together, we will consider interfaith engagement with issues such as:

  • Reducing gun violence and the proliferation of small arms;
  • Nuclear disarmament and the abolition of other weapons of mass destruction;
  • Use of unmanned drones;
  • Chemical and biological weapons;
  • Strengthening global peace and security.

Programming will be interactive, encouraging participants to reflect on how the topics addressed affect them in their lives, their spirituality, and how they are called to respond. Moving from ideas to concrete action will be a main focus for the seminar, including making commitments for future collaboration and activism. Each person will participate in a Collaboration Group, touching base periodically throughout the seminar to reflect on and process the issues discussed.

Included in this year’s seminar will be programming designed specifically for ministers who are interested in incorporating a global perspective into their congregational ministry.

The UU United Nations Office’s Intergenerational Spring Seminar is open to anyone age 14 and up, and typically around half of all participants are between ages 14 and 18. Youth orientation begins a day early, so for Seminar 2017 youth will arrive on April 5. Safety is our top priority—all youth attending the seminar must be accompanied by an adult Sponsor (maximum 5 youth per Sponsor).

A former USG youth who attended the spring seminar described it as “life changing.”

We want our congregants to be aware of the UU-UNO, and informed about its benefits. The UU-UN Office exists to provide a unique Unitarian Universalist perspective at the United Nations; it is our voice. UUUNO depends on individual and congregational contributions. We need your involvement, your engagement, and your enthusiastic support.

For more information, contact Rev. Carolyn Stern,