Kent Matthies

Science Giving Hope! Rev. Kent Matthies

Green energy, robots clearing mine fields and dressing frail elders, human beings spending time on Mars and deep undersea – all are possible amazing scientific discoveries and inventions.  While we must ensure the ethical usage of advancements, there are many ways in which science, when balanced with morals, brings hope and improvements.

Don’t Ban the Veil: MLK Sunday, Rev. Kent Matthies

Facing intense pressure, German Chancellor Angela Merkel supported banning Muslim women from wearing full face veils. This inhibition of religious freedom will only create more regression in areas of mutual understanding and collaboration. We must protect spaces where people can speak their mind and express themselves as they wish – especially when we disagree.

Jazz Funeral for the Old Year, Barbone Street Jazz Band

We will lay down our burdens from the Old Year, and lift up our possibilities for the New Year. And remember inspirational people including Prince, John Glenn and Gwen Ifill, who died this past year. Can you draw upon the experience of others and yourself to garner hope for what is to come?

Reverence for Loss, Rev. Kent Matthies

At the Holiday season we emphasize giving thanks for what we have.  But the holidays can also remind us of what we have lost.  Many of us anguish over loss of loved ones, relationships, health, jobs — How can we learn from and even revere loss?

Thanksgiving Bread Communion, Rev. Kent Matthies

Thanksgiving is known as the American Seder.  Regardless of religion this holiday allows us to pause and give thanks and commit to giving back to life.  At this worship service, we will reflect upon and share the things for which we are grateful. And we will partake in the bread communion, led by our children.

Where Do We Go From Here? Rev. Kent Matthies

The range of emotions we may be feeling after Election Day is tremendous. No matter what happens, we the people of our nation have to go forward to be the best we can be. It will require bold personal and community spiritual innovation to move forward with healing and hopefulness. But how? Story for All Ages … Continued

Facing the Death Machine, Linda Brunn with the UUrban Mystics Band & USG Soloists

Unitarian couple Rev. Waitstill and Martha Sharp traveled to Europe to work secretly to rescue Jews, dissidents and children living in Nazi-occupied territory.  Linda Brunn’s father worked with the Sharps as Associate Director of the Unitarian Service Committee. Highlighting this heroic history, let us explore how we can take risks to welcome strangers in peril.