Gloria Guldager

Gloria Guldager
Church Administrator

Gloria Guldager joined USG’s staff as the Office Administrator in January 2010. Beginning July 1, 2012, she has been elevated to full-time Church Administrator.

Gloria began attending services at USG in 2006 and became a member in May 2007. She served on the Membership Committee for 3 years; initially as the Visitor Coordinator and then as the Membership Secretary for two years. She has served as Database Manager since the conversion in 2008. Elsewhere at USG, Gloria assists with hosting NPIHN families each year.

Gloria received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Arts Administration from the University of Colorado at Denver and has worked in many capacities in the arts in both Colorado and in Pennsylvania. Here in Philadelphia she served as Executive Director of the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia and also as the General Manager of the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia.

Gloria is married to Scott Smith, who joined USG in September 2009, and has two energetic boys, Benjamin and Carlton, who participate enthusiastically in our CSD program.

Gloria works onsite at the church office 3-4 weekdays plus Sundays and remotely from her home. She also attends various committee meetings throughout the month.