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USGers having a conversation about what they attended and found inspiring at GA.

A UU World article about the impact of the GA special collections.

General (Business) Sessions
Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick-Gray gave a powerful President’s Report to the General Assembly. She touched on the work that our Association of Congregations completed during a year that none of us could have predicted. Despite the many losses of lives
and limitations due to the pandemic, we have accomplished so much together and helped build practices that helped us survive. Her report highlighted the core priorities for the UUA, including implementing the Commission on Institutional Change’s recommendations.

She also spent time discussing our pandemic and post pandemic realities as a faith denomination which will surely be the topic of conversations at the local and national level for the next several months as we determine how to hold events, worship services, and be in community and relationship with one another. She also
celebrated the success of the UU The Vote Campaign and the priority of strengthening our prophetic organizing capacity.
The full President’s Report is here.

2021 General Assembly delegates affirmed two Responsive Resolutions:

  1. Include Systemic Anti-Racism in Principles
  2. Creating a More Just Future Through Divesting from Pipelines and Investing in Young People

    2021 General Assembly Delegates discussed and voted on the following proposed
    Actions of Immediate Witness:
    Defend and Advocate with Transgender, Nonbinary, and Intersex Communities
    The COVID-19 Pandemic: Justice, Healing, Courage
    Stop Voter Suppression and Partner for Voting Rights and a Multiracial Democracy

    GA Election Results
    • Elected to Board of Trustees #3: Rev. Elizabeth Mount
    • Elected to Board of Trustees #6: JeKaren Olaoya
    • Elected to Board of Trustees #8: Rev. Sam Trumbore
    • Elected to Commission on Appraisal: Adrian Graham
    • Elected to Financial Advisor: Lucia Santini Field
    • Elected to General Assembly Planning Committee: Chelsea Surfus
    • Elected to Nominating Committee: Tim Atkins,
    Rev. Danielle Di Bona, cristy cardinal

    And the inspirational 2021 Berry Street Essay is here. The Berry Street Essay which is also called the Berry Street Lecture and is a 200 year old tradition of the Unitarian, and since 1961 the UU, Minister’s Association. This one is about shared ministry. Here is some information about the history of the Berry Street Essay, but they also talk about it in the video linked above