Monday, January 17, 2022, we celebrated Dr. King’s legacy and served neighborhoods around Germantown. THANK YOU to EVERYONE
who helped continue the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  at USG in 2022.

Despite pandemic and a weather forecast that kept shifting, we kept on keeping on, thanks to…

Our USG MLK Day 2022 Team of Tesha Nesbit, Janet Haas, Carolyn Scott, Intern Minister Latifah Griffin-Rogers, Jody Hill, and Ben Eisner

as well as
Project Leaders Janet Haas, Melissa Guerriero, Ryan Hurd, Andrea Durham, Ben Eisner, Carolyn Scott, Bruce Pollack-Johnson, Anne Bower, Jim Salom, Jacob Fisher, Lois Murphy, and Jenn Leiby

The 106-plus Volunteers who engaged in projects to benefit the community.

Recommended as a Postscript to the Day: Watch the movie SELMA. Though it requires a low rental or purchase payment to most carriers, it is an inspiring film.

Volunteers participated in the following projects. We had to cancel several because of the weather.


1. Food Pantry Donations for Face to Face of Germantown 
2. Interactive Zoom Thank You Card-Making Workshop for Children 
3. CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER Outside Cleanup along Lincoln Drive. 4. Making Toiletry Packages for Seniors for St. Vincent’s Food Pantry
5. Baking for Residents of Kaysim Court-Manor
6. Delivery Drivers Needed for MLK Day
7. Prepare Treat Bags for Whosoever Gospel Mission 
8. Soup Making for Homeless Families to Support PIHN                    
10. CANCELED DUE OF WEATHER  Street Clean-Up near USG .        
1. CANCELLED DUE TO COVID: Outdoor Work at Lingelbach School                       12. Sew a Walker Caddy for Clients of UU House Outreach 
13. CANCELED DUE TO  WEATHER Delivery Opportunities for UU House Outreach
14. Advocacy for restoring democracy & ecological sustainability on Zoom