For decades, USG has honored the life and legacy of Dr. King with Martin Luther King Day of Service, which affirms our support for the values of justice and compassion. This year you can join members and friends of USG and the UU Church of the Restoration on Monday, January 18, 2021, to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy and serve communities around Germantown. You will either be doing the project in your home or socially distanced and masked outdoors.

For each project, please bear in mind these guidelines:  (1) if you will be with others outside, you must maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet and wear a mask that covers both your mouth and your nose; and (2) if you are preparing food at home, please wear a mask during preparation and while handling uncovered prepared food. Also please omit nuts, tree nuts, and pork, and please label if you include any other common allergens; please take extra care to be certain of cleanliness where you prepare food or snacks, and avoid any pet hair or other possible allergens.

The Day’s Schedule

  • 9:00am: Click HERE to attend the virtual worship service
  • 9:30am on: Volunteer for outdoor and/or virtual projects.
  • 10:30am: Be a part of a virtual Advocacy Training with State Senator Art Haywood and Rev. Kent Matthies.  Join here.
  • 11:00am: Join POWER’s statewide virtual event to Raise the Minimum Wage on Facebook live:

The Open Projects


OPEN: Interactive Thank You Card-making Workshop for ALL AGES (not JUST for children!): At home Led by awesome art teacher Melissa Guerriero on Zoom at 10:00 am. Craft and make cards together. Talk about whom we appreciate – you can give cards to your fire department, police station, post office, trash collectors, letter carriers, health care workers, or others. Can also make cookies and brownies to deliver.  Supplies needed:  Paper, construction paper or card stock; colored markers, colored pencils; envelopes and stamps if desired; brownies or cookie-makings if desired. Limit of volunteers: No limit.

OPEN: At-home. Advocacy for returning citizensDiscussion of issues affecting returning citizens and tips for advocacy, letter writing, social media advocacy.  Virtual gathering and discussion. Limit of volunteers: 30 volunteers. 

OPEN: Street Clean Up Near USG: Outdoors. Supplies needed: good work gloves you provide. Pick up rakes, brooms, dustpans, and trash bags at USG. Time of pickup TBD. (Person on site to coordinate with Jacob F.) Limit of volunteers: 10 masked, socially distanced volunteers. 

OPEN: 10:30am: At home. Be a part of a virtual Advocacy Training with State Senator Art Haywood and Rev. Kent Matthies.  Contact his office at 215-242-8171 to register OR check back in here late Sunday for a link.

OPEN: 11:00am: At home. Join POWER’s statewide virtual event to Raise the Minimum Wage on Facebook live:

The Projects Now Closed

(These required registration by Friday, Jan. 15, at midnight.)

1.UU House Outreach: At home Birthday Card making for older adults – UU House will supply 20 kits with ten cards and markers. Supplies needed: Pick up your kit at USG at 10:00 am to 11 am; return to USG to drop off completed cards between 12:30 pm and 1 pm; pick up and drop off outdoors (masked) in USG back parking lot. Limit of volunteers: 20 Families

2. Face to Face: At home Prepare a package for donation of any of the following:  canned tuna, canned stew, canned beans, pasta and jelly.  Does not need to be sorted.  Sign up and either leave on your front door step for pick up by another USG volunteer, or drop off at USG at an assigned time. Up to 40 familiesSupplies needed:  canned goods including tuna, stew, beans, and also pasta and jelly; grocery bag for donation.

4. Delivery Drivers: Outdoors and in your own car. UPDATE: Drivers, bring your driver’s license.) Delivery of packages of thank you cards, brownies, cookies, other treats and food.  Contactless pick-up and delivery. Will receive assignments for pick-ups and deliveries with times by which projects will be ready for pick-up.  Most pick-ups and deliveries will be scheduled for afternoon of January 18; some will be 10am to 12noon on 1/18. Limit of volunteers: 15-20 drivers needed.

5. Clean up and tree measuring at Rittenhouse Town:  Outdoors. Meet at 10am at Rittenhouse Town (Google for directions.) Take tree measurements to document growth; clean up outdoor area. All must wear masks and maintain social distance. UPDATE: Limit of volunteers: 20. 4 groups of 5 people each. 

6. St Vincent’s Food Pantry: At home. Winter Packages for Seniors. UPDATE: Supplies needed: containers of body lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, body wash or soap; a handmade note or card of greeting; small bag for each kit; large bag for kits to be picked up at your front-door. Limit of volunteers: no limit.

7. Kaysim Court: At home Bake Brownies, cookies or other homemade snacks to be delivered to the 58 residents of Kaysim Court.  Supplies needed:   materials to make brownies, cookies or snacks for 5-6 residents; grocery bag for packages to be picked up. Limit of volunteers: 10 people or families

8. Lingelbach School: Outdoor UPDATE: PROJECT IS FULL. Clean up and pruning of shrubs & vines, etc.  socially distanced with masks. Supplies needed: Work gloves, shovels/rakes, leaf bags & some clippers. Limit of volunteers: 10-12 volunteers.

9. Whosoever Gospel Mission: At home Prepare goodie bags filled with snacks; store bought or brownies and cookies.  Supplies needed:   materials to make brownies, cookies or store bought snacks for 5-6 people. Limit of volunteers: 11 people or families preparing 5 bags each.

10. Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network: At home
     a. Soup making for homeless families – please prepare a quart or pint container of homemade soup or an entrée to feed four people – something that can be frozen and re-heated.   Prepare at your own home.  Supplies:  food needed to prepare home-made soup or meal for four and container in which packed soup or meal can be frozen and stored.  Grocery bag labeled for pick-up. Limit of volunteers

    b.  Houses for Change – educational project for families – join a zoom meeting and build cardboard houses and talk about the practical and emotional importance of having a place to call home.   Pick up project supplies at USG. Limit of volunteers

11. Bowl Glazing to Benefit PIHNOutdoors Glaze Pottery Bowls to Benefit Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network.  Volunteers may glaze pottery in outdoor parking lot of Six Senses Clay Studio.  Creations will be featured in PIHN annual Empty Bowl Dinner.   Masks must be worn and social distancing observed.  Limit of volunteers: 20 people. 

14. Germantown Life Enrichment At home  Prepare packages including the following:  Toothpaste, toothbrush, pairs cotton socks, a towel, deodorant, body wash, body lotion. Together with a cheerful note wishing the recipient a healthy 2021.  Packages will be picked up from your door-step.  Supplies needed: pairs of cotton socks and individual containers of toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, body lotion, and toothbrush.  Towels if included.  Small bag for each kit and grocery bag for all kits to be picked up. Limit of volunteers: