Every year for over two decades, more than 500 volunteers have come to the Unitarian Society of Germantown, on Lincoln Drive at Wayne Avenue, to participate in MLK Day of Service Projects both on-site (at the church) and off-site (at locations near the church).   

On MLK Day, a brief non-denominational worship service is held at 9:00 AM focusing on Dr. King’s life and accomplishments. 

Volunteers leave for their projects at 9:30 AM. Projects last for varying amounts of time. Most will be completed before 12:30 PM. 

Transportation will be provided if needed. If you can provide transportation for yourself and others, we would appreciate it and we will ask you about this on the pre-registration form.

MLK Day of Service 2019 Projects

Off-site projects

Project E-01 Winter Essential Kits 

Volunteers will prepare & deliver winter essential kits for local seniors at UU House Outreach Program.

8 volunteers needed, ages: 14+

Project E-02 Organizing Donations Closet

Volunteers will help sort donations at Interim House.

2 volunteers needed, ages: 18+

Project E-03 Basement Clean-Up

Volunteers will help cleaning & sorting basement & offices and shampooing a rug at Interim House.

3 volunteers needed, ages: 14+

Project E-04 Soup-Making

Volunteers will make soup and brownies at Summit Presbyterian Church.

4 volunteers needed, ages: 14+

Project E-05 PIHN Plate/Bowl Making

Volunteers will make ceramic bowls. $5 donation at Six Senses Collaborative Clay Studio.

30 volunteers needed, ages: all ages

Project E-06 Kaysim Court

Volunteers will interact with mentally handicapped residents at Kaysim Court.

5 volunteers needed, ages: 11+

Project E-07 PIHN Cleanup

Volunteers will sanitize toys and clean up center 

7 volunteers needed, ages: all ages

Project E-08 Life Enrichment Cleanup

Volunteers will conduct clean-up projects and plant seeds at Germantown Life Enrichment Center.

10 volunteers needed, ages: 8+

Project E-09 Cliveden Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Play games, do art projects, enjoy music, interact with the elderly.

15 volunteers needed, ages: 12+

Project E-10 Wayne and Johnson Cleanup

Volunteers will clean up trash on Wayne & Johnson Aves. 

8 volunteers needed, ages: 11+

Project E-11 Life Enrichment Painting

Volunteers will paint two classrooms at Germantown Life Enrichment Ctr.

8 volunteers needed, ages: 8+

Project E-12 Wissahickon Boys and Girls Club Painting

Volunteers will do touch up painting of rooms.

10 volunteers needed, ages: all ages

Project E-13 MLK Display at Wissahickon Boys and Girls Club

Make a decorative display about MLK

10 volunteers needed, ages: all ages

Project E-14 Soup Making

Make soup and brownies at Restoration.

5 volunteers needed, ages: all ages

Project E-15 Pleasant Playground Clean-up

Volunteers will clean-up playground at Pleasant Playground.   
             15 volunteers needed, ages: 3+

On-Site Projects at USG

          Project I-00 Breakfast and volunteer sign-in (USG Members/Friends only)

Prepare coffee, juice, bagels, pastries and sign in volunteers.

            10 volunteers needed, ages: 18+

          Project I-01 Soup-Making at USG

Volunteers will make soup and brownies for a local soup kitchen.

4 volunteers needed, ages: 14+

          Project I-02 Card Making

Volunteers will make non-personalized birthday cards for seniors at a local service agency.                                
            This opportunity is appropriate for children with a supervising adult.

25 volunteers needed, ages: 5+

          Project I-03 Breakfast Bag Assembly

Assemble breakfast bags. This activity is appropriate for all ages  with a supervising adult.

12 volunteers needed, ages: all ages

          Project I-04 Thank You Notes

Volunteers will write thank you notes to donors.

17 volunteers needed, all ages

          Project I-05 Lunch Bags Decoration

Decorate lunch bags.

40 volunteers needed, all ages

          Project I-06 Snack Bag Assembly

Volunteers will assemble trail mix bags for delivery to local boys and girls club.  
            Appropriate for ages 5+ with supervising adult.

15 volunteers needed, ages: 5+

          Project I-07 Deliver Breakfasts, Lunches, Snacks

4 Drivers (with car); plus 4 others are needed to deliver bagged lunches, snacks, soup to local              
              social service agencies as far as Center City. A passenger is encouraged.

8 volunteers needed, ages: 18+

          Project I-08 Small Children’s Activities

1 volunteers needed, ages: 18+

          Project I-09 UUPLAN Advocacy

Volunteers will participate in an inside letter writing campaign around gun control, or outdoor petitioning advocacy                 campaign focusing on immigration and economic justice.

20 volunteers needed, ages: 14+

          Project I-10 Lunch Bag/PB&J Sandwich Assembly

Assemble lunch bags for delivery to local service agency. 
             This activity is appropriate for ages 9+ with a supervising adult. 
             Peanut Butter will be used in the activity.

50 volunteers needed, ages 9+

          Project I-11 Welcome Committee-Inside (USG Members/Friends only)

T-shirt distribution and sign-in. Arrive by 7:30 am.

10 volunteers needed, ages: 18+

          Project I-12 Welcome Committee-Outside (USG Members/Friends only)

Volunteers will direct car and people traffic. Need to arrive by 7:30 a.m.

15 volunteers needed, ages: 16+

          Project I-13 A short worship/musical service (USG Members/Friends only)

Assist with a brief non-denominational religious service on MLK in USG Sanctuary.
              8 volunteers needed, ages: 18+

          Project I-14 PIHN Houses Advocacy Project

Volunteers will decorate cardboard houses to collect donations for PIHN.

13 volunteers needed, ages: 5+

          Project I-15 Clean-up and Storage (USG Members/Friends only)

Clean up at end of MLK Day at USG.

15 volunteers needed, ages: 14+

Projects at Philadelphia Public Schools

          Project S-01 Henry School Clean Up

Volunteers will do general cleaning at a local public school. at Henry School.

10 volunteers needed, ages: 14+

          Project S-02 Lingelbach School Cleanup

Volunteers will help with indoor and outdoor cleanup. at Lingelbach Elementary School.

20 volunteers needed, ages: 14+

          Project S-03 Houston School Cleanup

Volunteers will help paint and clean. at Houston School.

10 volunteers needed, ages: 14+