Community Day 2017 is planned for Sunday, March 20!

Last year, we came together, to explore new spiritual paths, worship, break bread (and eggs) and welcome the Vernal Equinox, aka Spring!

There was a choice of three workshops:
Lectio Divina – A Latin term meaning sacred reading. We will mindfully explore a selection of poems that capture the spirit of Story, our Spiritual theme for March. We will connect with the timeless and transcendent character of these writings, listening deeply for inspiration, as we explore the spiritual dimension of telling our own stories. (Reverends Kent and Daniel in the Sanctuary)
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation – A gently guided journey to experiencing what is happening in each moment, moment by moment. Not about emptying your mind but about fully embracing and then letting go of each thought, sensation, and emotion to return to the simple breathing that takes us back to a special space of stillness. (Sharon Wahl Mafuru in Sullivan 1)
Chanting – Experience the ancient mystical qualities of chanting as shared sounds bring us together in a unique and beautiful transition to explore a very different way of hearing and feeling the unique character of human voices coming together. (Kristin Shipler in the Youth Lodge, 1st Floor)

Then folks had to quick, hurry on to their next choice of three more workshops at 9:55AM:
The Truly Awesome Wannabe Choir – Have you listened to the choir on a Sunday morning and thought to yourself, “Oh, if only I could do that”? Well, on Community Day you CAN! Let your inner singer sing out! Experience the bonding joy of singing in a group and then have the thrill of singing with the UU Mystics during the All Church Service. (Mark Daugherty, Assembly Room)
Sacred Drumming for Children – Join a special workshop designed to teach children Pre-K through 6th grade the sacred art of drumming in the African tradition. The session will include basic drumming techniques on a variety of traditional drums and other percussive instruments. Participants will be invited to use their newly acquired drumming skills to take part in a special meditation in the 11:00amWorship Service. (Leader West African Master Drummer Yomi Awodesu assisted by Cat Niallon.)
Yoga as Spiritual Movement – Come explore how gentle yoga-inspired movement connects bodily sensation with easing the mind and spiritual insight. We will experience a chair and standing sequence coordinated with breath, and include time for listening to the body and personal reflection. This kind of exploration invites (re)connection with our innate vitality, power, and purpose. (Esther Wyss-Flamm, Sullivan 1)
Drumming – From time immemorial there has been a special calling that goes out from striking the drums in synchrony with others. From intense and fast to slow and introspective, this workshop will explore the many ways that we can feel and express emotions and energies with varying drum patterns and responses. (Bill Marconi of the Settlement School in the Youth Lodge, 1st Floor)

There was no registration, people could just show up.

And after the workshops, there was time to share over coffee before going in to the special CommUUnity Day Worship Service with a musical surprise (see above).

Then there was a scrumptious sit down brunch to which ALL were invited ($5 suggested donation per adult), and then to the Grove for the Earth Honoring Vernal Equinox traditions to Welcome Spring.

It was a full day with something for everyone including Child Care from 9 to 11AM.

Plan to join us for Community Day 2017!