This Sunday, PreK- 6th Grade children will begin in the Sanctuary with their families and then will be sung out to the Edna Jones Assembly Room where they will wrap the Holiday Angel gifts purchased. Children may of course stay in Sanctuary with family instead. 
Any Youth Group members are very welcome to help, as well.
The OWL youth will also NOT be meeting. You are also welcome to help wrap gifts in the Assembly Room!
Childcare for children 4-5 years old and younger is offered this Sunday and most Sundays from 9:00am – 12:00pm in the Committee Room.
Details about the CSD programs and schedules can be found under the Spiritual Development tab.
Save the Date! Christmas Eve Family Service
A Charlie Brown Christmas
Monday, December 24, 4:00pm
Join Charlie Brown and friends as they rediscover the spirit of Christmas! With our children and youth starring as cast and crew—and Music Director Mark Daugherty as Schroeder—this holiday classic is sure to warm our hearts. Charlie Brown Christmas is a pageant for all, with lots of opportunities for young children and adults to sing, participate and catch the spirit. Contact Ryan Hurd,, if you, your child or your family would like to participate. There’s still time as the young children only have to attend one rehearsal, on Sunday December 23rd after service. 

Logistics for regular Sundays:

Drop Off: Children can accompany parents into the sanctuary for worship at 10:30am, and then they will be sung out to the Dining Hall after approximately 15 minutes. Parents are welcome to accompany children to the Dining Hall, where our CSD Leaders will gather them into their groups: PreK – Kindergarten, First-Third Grade, and 4-6th grade.

Parents and guardians are also welcome to accompany the children and Leaders back to the CSD rooms, especially if you have never seen them before! Due to the Elevator Project, to access Sullivan Chapel we must exit the Dining Hall, walk around the courtyard, and re-enter Sullivan.

Parents are welcome to sit in a CSD session or visit at any time. Your children’s safety and happiness is important to us, and we want you to know exactly where your children are at all times.

Dismissal: We are asking parents of PreK-Kindergarten and 1st – 3rd Grades to come back to the CSD rooms (in Sullivan 1, and the Nursery School Co-op building, respectively) promptly after service has ended to pick up children. Note that after 12pm, all children will be escorted back to the Dining Hall by teachers.

Children in 4-6th grade (in Sullivan 3) will be escorted back to the Dining Hall by CSD Leaders; this is a safety protocol change from last year due to the loss of the inner stairwell during the construction project. This is the safest way to navigate the courtyards and re-entry into the church.

Childcare for children 4-5 years old and younger is offered this Sunday and most Sundays from 9:00am – 12:00pm in the Committee Room.

The Wiggle Room is just off the Narthex (behind the Sanctuary) for those who need a little break. Play Packs for children in the Sanctuary are available. Please just ask an usher.


Visit the Child Spiritual Development page for details about our Fall program which started September 16.

If your child or youth participates in CSD programs and is not registered,  please register them here or contact Ryan Hurd (

There is so much to LOVE about USG and we are glad you are here!

The Children’s Programming page will generally be updated by Thursday each week.