This year, more than ever, USG is here to support your family in your spiritual development.

Fall Games and Crafts for the Spirit
Sunday Morning
Children (and families of the youngest) are welcome to come to the Grove for Fall Games and Crafts for the Spirit. We will “hum” the children out after the Story for All Ages in outdoor worship under the big tent. After 18 months of being virtual, the most important way we can be together in person again is with a focus on bonding and welcoming your children’s whole selves. Led by Ryan Hurd and the CSD team, we will have plenty of fun and a chance to reconnect (masked and distanced) on this beautiful late summer morning. 
7th-9th grade OWL meets next on October 24, 10:30am-12:30pm.

Youth D&D meets again Sunday, October 24 at 1:00-3:00pm in the Grove for in-person game play. 6th – 12th graders welcome! Please RSVP* if you can join us — no experience in role playing games needed. Led by Night Elf Ryan Hurd and gamemaster Ryan Rose. Masks required. *

Pumpkin Carving will be Saturday, October 30 at 1pm, outside under the tent.



For info, email Ryan Hurd, Director of Spiritual Development, at

We are now building our 21st century CSD team!
The ways we engage are radically shifting, but the message is the same: We are here to grow together, strengthened by our intergenerational relationships and our compassionate approach to self-inquiry, spiritual growth and social justice.
If you’d like to assist CSD this year, at any level, contact Ryan at


More Parent Resources and Connecting Online
CSD Parenting Resources: Check out the latest Story Time and other new videos and recommended articles for families to explore when convenient.

Parents and Caregivers are also welcome to join our CSD Facebook group

If you are already subscribed to the CSD e-newsletter, you will be sent the Zoom link for the Sunday children’s program. If you are not yet receiving that but are interested in joining, send an email to Ryan Hurd in advance so the Children’s ZOOM link can be sent to you.

Our Children’s Spiritual Development program for 2019-20 has as its theme Wonder, Service, Mindfulness and Fun. We will return to offering exciting programs from PreK to 12th grade, as well as monthly special events including Children’s Chapel and Justice Sundays once the stay at home order has lifted.

Details about the CSD programs and schedules in normal times can be found on the on the Child Spiritual Development page. You can register online at:

Logistics for program Sundays once the church reopens:

Drop Off: Children can accompany parents into the sanctuary for worship at 10:30am, and then they will be sung out to the Dining Hall after approximately 15 minutes. Parents are welcome to accompany children to the Dining Hall, where our CSD Leaders will gather them into their groups: PreK – Kindergarten, First-Third Grade, and 4-5th grade, Middle School Youth Group (7-8th grade), and Coming of Age (8th- 10th grade). 

Parents and guardians are also welcome to accompany the children and Leaders back to the CSD rooms, especially if you have never seen them before! 

Parents are welcome to sit in a CSD session or visit at any time. Your children’s safety and happiness is important to us, and we want you to know exactly where your children are at all times.

Dismissal: We are asking parents of PreK-Kindergarten and 1st – 3rd Grades to come back to the CSD rooms (in Sullivan 1 and Sullivan 2) around 11:45AM to pick up children. 

Children in 4-5th grades will be able to head back to the Dining Hall on their own after their workshop is over. 

Visit the Child Spiritual Development page for details about our Fall program.

If your child or youth participates in CSD programs and is not registered,  please register them here or contact Ryan Hurd (

There is so much to LOVE about USG and we are glad you are here!

The Children’s Programming page will generally be updated by Thursday each week.