A Successful Teach-in was held on Sunday, November 22, 2015

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Keynote Speaker, Mark Boyd, President CEO of Goodwill Industries of South N.J./PA

Plenary Session: “The Job is The Thing,” Jondhi Harrell presiding

Welcome by John Hanger, Office of Gov. Tom Wolf


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“Laws and custom still block men and women who have paid their debt to society from full citizenship.”

We will seek solutions to the impediments – Judicial Equity, Economic Security that impede progress for the Formerly Incarcerated.
Unitarian Universalists wear the “Black Lives Matter” bracelets; we have read Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow, we are concerned that the United States imprisons more people than the Soviet Union, and that these mostly Black and Latino men and women are serving longer and harsher sentences than in any modern Western society. Thankfully there is movement toward correcting these wrongs. Amnesty, pardons and improved sentencing practices are returning these citizens to their homes. How shall we welcome them to the neighborhood? What about returning citizens finding jobs?
Come to Teach-In 2 to meet outstanding leaders with effective programs for restitution, participate in workshops designed for action, network with religious and secular groups offering opportunities for service.

  • Punitive and Current Practices
  • Trends for Restorative Justice
  • Union Apprenticeships and Sweat Equity
  • Returning Citizens as Entrepreneurs
  • Changing Laws and Sentencing Practices
  • Alternatives to Incarceration
  • Pre-register at usguu.org/teachin-registration.

We expect a large audience of practitioners and the general public to attend as we search for the processes that must be in place to bring about the political and social revolution that a just society demands.
A light bag lunch will be served those who pre-register, childcare is available, as well, with prior registration, and there is parking in the rear of the church (off Johnson Street, in the block between Wayne Avenue and Greene Street in Mt. Airy). There will also be an exhibit of art by prisoners – “Art for Justice” – curated by A.M. Kirk.
Sponsored by CAMI (Coalition Against Mass Incarceration) and USG’s Ending Racism Committee
For Information or to Register Contact: teachin@usguu.org

Interviews after Mass Incarceration Teach In, Nov. 3, 2013