Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU) has a number of offerings specifically and exclusively for Black UUs and Black folks from other faith traditions who share our values. See below for descriptions and links.

Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU) Call for Submissions for a new anthology edited by Rev. Mykal Slack and Takiyah Nur Amin, Ph.D.

Skinner House Books, the imprint of the Unitarian Universalist Association, invites Unitarian Universalists to submit original poems, prayers, or short prose pieces for possible inclusion to be published in Spring 2021. This will be an anthology of pieces by Black Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist writers, musicians, worship leaders, and liturgists, published in partnership with BLUU. The BLUU anthology will be a resource for personal study, private meditation/devotion and worship that amplifies the articulation of a Black UU perspective and worldview. While the editors know others will benefit deeply and richly from the liberatory faith perspective in the words, rituals, and music found here, the goal is to center Black voices and experiences in the volume. Deadline: October 1, 2020

Please see the submission guidelines and more information at

Black UU Be-ology Worship Series

All of BLUU’s online worship services are Black Sacred Space in their entirety – by and for Black people, with the words and voices of Black folks across the diaspora – and we hope that Black UUs and Black UU-adjacent folks (who share our values) from far and wide will join us!

For our non-Black siblings in faith, please DO share this invitation with Black folks in your life and community. Getting the word out about BLUU’s gatherings and other programming is one powerful way of lending your support, and we deeply appreciate it!

For all of our services, feel free to come into our BLUU Zoom Room as early as 15 minutes before the start of the service to get settled, say hello to the folks who are already gathering, and listen to the music softly playing as we all prepare for our time together.

Please register to attend BLUU services below.

First Thursdays at 9pm
If you have not registered for Thursday night worship, do so at

Third Sundays at 4pm
If you have not registered for Sunday afternoon worship, do so at

Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU) BLUU Havens Launch!  

From the BLUU website

BLUU envisions BLUU Havens as small groups created by and for Black UUs and UU-adjacent people to connect socially and to engage in organizing efforts locally. BLUU Havens will be centered in a Black Unitarian Universalism that offers a sense of home to Black people who feel held by, or want to be more connected to, Black ancestry, Black love, Black thought, Black artistry, and Black faith. We imagine BLUU Havens as a place where to celebrate and practice a Unitarian Universalism that, at EVERY turn, honors, uplifts, and equips our Black Lives. 
BLUU Havens are required to: 
      – Be composed of a minimum of 3 people
      – The primary contact must be an active (or excited to be active) BLUU Beloved
      – Agree to meet at least once per quarter (4 times per year) 
For all BLUU Havens at least 50% of gatherings will be held as Black sacred space (only Black people attending whatever gathering/event may be.)

Additional details will be shared as these groups form and conduct activities.

I have been participating in BLUU activities since the spring and feel that BLUU activities expand my UU experience. The range of activities offered is quite diverse: movie nights, lunch and vibe sessions, worship services, mindfulness meditation, etc. with a new network of people and afro-centric cultural elements.  A key hope is that the BLUU Havens and Harbors give Black people a sense of community that some find missing locally due to a host of reasons which can include: their location, lack of or characteristics of their neighboring UU congregations, few other Black people, etc.  I have submitted an application to form a BLUU Haven for this Philly metro area. More information will follow once the application is processed and the programs officially launch.

If you are interested in participating in the BLUU Haven for this Philly metro area, or know others who may be interested, please contact me, Lisa Dutton, at

A new monthly offering!

We are excited to be making space for a monthly sit for us Black folk. Meditation and mindfulness are powerfully healing tools in these times. So if you’re someone who’d find meaning in a simple half-hour format that includes an opening reading, meditation, reflection and closing music, we hope you’ll join us every 2nd Monday at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

Community Conversations Resource!
We encourage everyone to learn from BLUU’s monthly Community Conversations!
The full list of our previous Community Conversations can be found here: Youtube Channel Playlist These videos are great for small group discussions and personal study! 

For the month of August 2020, we are highlighting the work of the Black Immigrant Collective. The Black Immigrant Collective is a Minnesota Black-led immigrant organization that works at the intersection of Blackness and migration. Our work includes: mutual aid support; deportation & detention defense; local, state & federal policy and resource sharing. The Black Immigrant Collective is an intentional space centering the lives of Black immigrants to:
Build on our power toward our collective liberation
Highlight and make visible the impact of immigration policy and law enforcement on Black immigrants
Share best practices on immigrant related work in Black immigrant communities
Recognize our collective resilience and community resources as a way of being
Work in solidarity with ALL Black people as well as other immigrant communities and indigenous peoples.
To learn more about the Black Immigrant Collective and make a donation, visit
Become a BLUU Beloved! 
BLUU Beloved is an opportunity for Unitarian Universalists and UU-adjacent who are Black/People of African descent to further connect, build community and develop leadership within the work of BLUU and our connection to broader liberation movements. For more information visit:
Did you miss the Harper-Jordan Memorial Symposium?
If you missed the Symposium, no worries! Access to program events via livestream are available for $50.00. The Harper-Jordan Memorial Symposium responded to a longing on the part of many Black Unitarian Universalists to more fully understand where we have been, who we are now, and how we hope to live out our Unitarian Universalism as Black people. BLUU’s Harper-Jordan Memorial Symposium live stream includes:
*All 6 PlenariesFriday
*Evening Concert with Rev. Sekou
*Saturday Morning Worship
On-demand access to all Plenaries in replayFor details, visit:

Meeting Up with Other Black UUs
One of the most difficult aspects of being a Black Unitarian Universalist in a predominantly white congregation and Association is the sense of isolation that persists. So any opportunity to gather face-to-face can offer spiritual uplift that may not otherwise be readily available. So if you’re coming into a new area for a limited time or permanently, or just haven’t connected with other Black UUs where you’ve been, visit the link below and fill out the form. And if there are folks in your area who we know about, the BLUU Ministerial Network will be delighted to connect you! Link —