The End Gun Violence Committee keeps track of common sense firearm legislation, such as responsible gun ownership, from several credited resources to provide opportunities for legislative advocacy in Harrisburg and local communities as well as community actions such as demonstrations. As part of UUJusticePA “we look to build and work with a coalition of groups to spread the message of peaceful solutions to conflict.
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What we’re encouraging right now:

1) Pressure Lisa Baker, head of Judiciary committee; put bills up for a vote.  717-787-7428

2) STOP Senate Bill 907 which mandates armed guards in schools. It is advancing through the PA Senate Education Committee. Please stop this bill by calling or writing your senator. A study of 133 school shootings found that the rate of death in shootings was 2.8 times greater in schools with an armed guard present. Please ask your Senator to publicly speak out against Senate Bill 907 to help stop its passage and educate their constituents that it would do nothing to keep our kids safer at school.

3) The Federal Department of Justice proposed a new rule that would close the gap in regulation and require firearm dealers to do background checks on purchasers for off-book sales. It is now open for comments. Although 89% of Pennsylvania voters support background checks on all gun purchases, gun extremists are sending in their comments against this proposed regulation. Please take a minute to leave a comment today supporting this regulation.

Some Good News:
On November 14, the PA House Judiciary Committee passed a safe storage bill that would require gun owners in homes where children may be present to securely store their firearms. This policy is proven to prevent school shootings, youth suicides, and accidental shootings. The next step in the legislative process is consideration by the full House. Please contact your PA house representative to show your support.