At the Unitarian Society of Germantown, we encourage Wonder, Compassion, Mindfulness, Service… and Fun!

 A Note from Rev. Kev

 Greetings, everyone!  

This coming Sunday, April 21, All Ages will engage in a lesson on Love and Cooperation. Regular CSD classes continue throughout the month of April. 

Susan will be in the Wiggle Room providing childcare for the young ones.

Susan will be in the Wiggle Room providing childcare for the young ones.

Join us here at USG for fellowship and fun!
Registration is always open for CSD* programs!

The Mission of our Children’s Spiritual Development (CSD) program is to:

  • Provide developmentally appropriate education that supports the lifelong process of learning to cultivate goodness, compassion, empathy, and love for oneself and others.
  • Offer safe and caring spaces for introspective work, connecting to nature, and building right-relationships in community across generations.
  • Put into practice hands-on, experiential education for children, facilitators and parents that cultivates respect, stewardship, service, mindfulness, responsibility, justice, and the search for truth and beauty.
  • To welcome young people into the UU community, help them find their way into becoming active members, and provide them opportunities to learn the rich history and guiding principles of UU.

We believe if the mission of CSD is fulfilled it will contribute greatly to fulfilling our overarching mission at USG of: Building beloved community with service, compassion and empowerment.

Please see the weekly enewsletter for the most up to date info.

Please Register your Children for CSD

By registering your child this year so that we have allergy and contact info. 

Our program is a co-op. We hope you will consider how you can volunteer during the program year, such as assisting in Sunday’s Children Spiritual Development workshops, helping organize seasonal events, or even lending a hand with administrative office tasks.  

As per new USG safety guidelines, all children should be fully vaccinated if eligible, and have a clean mask for our indoors, well-ventilated time together.  All CSD volunteers are also fully vaccinated.

We are able to offer CSD because of our wonderful volunteers. Thank you for considering volunteering and click HERE for information and links to the required background checks for volunteers.