USG joined POWER in August of 2018. POWER is an interfaith organization committed to building communities of opportunity that work for all representing over 50 congregations throughout Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania.

Building Communities of Opportunity that Work for All

Links to POWER’s campaigns

Climate Justice

Economic Dignity

Education Justice

Moral Health Care

Live Free (Criminal Justice Reform)

POWER works with faith communities in Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania to address local and statewide issues while simultaneously strengthening the life of our congregations. Our path to creating a more just world involves teaching people of faith how to build and exercise their own power to address root cause of the daily injustices they face.

At the center of our faith-based community organizing efforts is the belief in potential transformation – of people, institutions, and our larger culture. This belief stems directly from the shared principles of our faith communities and influences the way our leaders relate to public officials, to community members, and to one another.

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