Ways to get involved:

USG hosts the monthly meeting of the Coalition Against Mass Incarceration (CAMI) on the 4th Monday of each month.

UUPLAN has a monthly online meeting the last Monday of the month. Visit their Anti Mass Incarceration Justice Team page for for information about their work.

POWER’s Live Free Campaign also meets monthly, visit the POWER Live Free Campaign web page for more information.

Events for all three of these entities will show up on the Events List under News and Events or at the bottom or on the left of this page depending on the size of your screen.

Things you can do to help fight Mass Incarceration:

If you have…

5 minutes

➤ Call your House Representative and also the chair of the House Judiciary Committee and ask them to support HB 135, (detailed instructions / call scripts below).

15 minutes

➤ Listen to an interview with someone serving death by incarceration at http://lifelines-project.org or read about someone serving death by incarceration at http://www.wlrppa.org/resumes

➤ Also call all the representatives on the PA House Judiciary Committee and ask them to support HB 135 (see below for list).

30 minutes

➤ Talk about redemption & healing, spread the word that everyone deserves a 2nd chance.

➤ Share CADBI literature and spread awareness about death by incarceration and the movement to end it.

Even more time!!

➤ Get in touch with CADBI (Coalition Against Death by Incarceration)  and learn about upcoming meetings and how you can get more involved. Email us at  CADBIphilly@gmail.com or call 267-606-0324. Many different groups make up the movement to end DBI – and there are many ways to get involved and contribute.


Calling State Reps to ask them to Support HB 135

Why? We are trying to pass House Bill 135, which would make people serving life sentences eligible for parole after 15 years. The bill was introduced by Rep. Jason Dawkins (D-Phila), and is currently in the House Judiciary Committee. In order for the bill to get out of committee, the Committee Chair Ron Marsico, has to put HB 135 on the Judiciary Agenda. We are asking Rep. Marsico to support HB135, and to call for a Judiciary Committee Hearing on the bill.

How to call?

You can find the name and number for your representative by going to http://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/home/findyourlegislator/index.cfm

You can call the Judiciary Chair Rep.Marsico at 717-783-2014. You will likely be asked to leave a message with his secretary.  

Recommendations from UUPLAN Anti-Mass Incarceration Team:


  1. OPPOSE House Bill (HB) 741, which reinstates mandatory minimum sentences for crimes involving drug sales and guns.
  2. SUPPORT HB135 and SB942, companion bills that would end Life Without Parole as a sentence and grant to currently incarcerated lifers the right to apply for parole after 15 years.  Supported by CADBI.
  3. SUPPORT SB554: Safe Harbor in Human Trafficking.  To send minors who are victims of sextrafficking to treatment rather than prosecuting them.
  4. SUPPORT SB59 to set up a mechanism to establish prison industries with businesses or non-profits that would pay a prevailing wage to prisoners.
  5. SUPPORT SB790, First Chance Trust Fund, to put a 1% surcharge on vendors to the Dept. of Corrections in excess of $5,000,000.00. To fund programs for youth whose parents are incarcerated.  
  6. SUPPORT HB 1092, Bail Reform: pilot test a program to give more flexibility in bail procedures.

The recommendations above in a printable handout.


A second successful Teach-in was held on Sunday, November 22, 2015

Click Here to view Action and Next Steps Items from Teach-in

Click Here to read notes from the break-out sessions.

View videos from the teach-in below.

Keynote Speaker, Mark Boyd, President CEO of Goodwill Industries of South N.J./PA

Plenary Session: “The Job is The Thing,” Jondhi Harrell presiding

Welcome by John Hanger, Office of Gov. Tom Wolf


Press Release Click Here
Click Here to Listen to Morning Feed:Jondhi Harrell, Anthony Dickerson and Nancy Anderson on @gtownradio
Click Here to Listen to RadioTimes program from Nov. 9, 2015,  “Reentering Society.” Jondhi Harrell and Brandon T. Jones are guests
“Laws and custom still block men and women who have paid their debt to society from full citizenship.”

We seek solutions to the impediments – Judicial Equity, Economic Security that impede progress for the Formerly Incarcerated.
Unitarian Universalists wear the “Black Lives Matter” bracelets; we have read Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow, we are concerned that the United States imprisons more people than the Soviet Union, and that these mostly Black and Latino men and women are serving longer and harsher sentences than in any modern Western society. Thankfully there is movement toward correcting these wrongs. Amnesty, pardons and improved sentencing practices are returning these citizens to their homes. How shall we welcome them to the neighborhood? What about returning citizens finding jobs?

Teach In 2 Workshops:

  • Punitive and Current Practices
  • Trends for Restorative Justice
  • Union Apprenticeships and Sweat Equity
  • Returning Citizens as Entrepreneurs
  • Changing Laws and Sentencing Practices
  • Alternatives to Incarceration
  • Pre-register at usguu.org/teachin-registration.

There was also be an exhibit of art by prisoners – “Art for Justice” – curated by A.M. Kirk.
Sponsored by CAMI (Coalition Against Mass Incarceration) and USG’s Ending Racism Committee

Interviews after Mass Incarceration Teach In, Nov. 3, 2013