UUPLAN, or the Unitarian Universalist Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network, is our UU vehicle for bringing our values and principles into the public arena where policies are made affecting all Pennsylvanians.

This is the moment to act on our UU values.  The upcoming November election will be a defining moment for progressive candidates in Pennsylvania. 

Help us by donating to the UUPLAN donor match campaign“Working for the Democracy We Want.”  Generous donors have promised matching funds IF we can raise $10,000 by September 5! Our goal is to raise $20,000, including the $10,000, from 20 UU churches across the Commonwealth. Your donation is critical.  Click here to donate!

Your donation will support these UUPLAN efforts:

  • A statewide “Get Out the Vote” campaign, including voter registration and mail-in ballots.
  • Providing information to all UU congregations on all PA candidates’ positions on key Pennsylvania economic justice issues
  • Campaigns to flip at least 9 PA House seats and 3 PA Senate seats while maintaining progressive incumbent candidates.
  • Assistance to the 3 UUs running for the PA legislature.

All donors will receive tickets to the first virtual UU Bandstand Dance on Sunday September 6 form 7 to 8:30 PM.  Come and dance with other UU activists – alone, with a partner, with the kids or your dog and cat.

Donor Match Flyer

UUPLAN engages in education, advocacy and lobbying for social justice in Harrisburg and also in the local district offices of our elected officials. Begun in 2007, today UUPLAN has active members 30 of our state’s 40 UU congregations. We work through “Issue Teams” devoted to effective advocacy in specific areas such as Economic Justice, Environmental Justice and Immigration Justice. We select issues that fit our values and that also provide us realistic opportunities for positive impacts, almost always in coalition with other progressive forces.

There are people at USG engaged with many of the initiatives.

Follow these links for more information on issues that interest you.

Anti Mass Incarceration

Economic Justice

Environmental Justice

Good Government

Gun Violence Prevention

Immigration Justice

Reproductive Justice

For more information on UUPLAN, go to www.uuplan.org