Giving and receiving care is an important part of building a beloved community. 

Every USG member is part of our caring system. It is led by a four-person Caring Team consisting of the minister and three lay people, who meet once a month. All USG members and friends are encouraged to let the Team know (at when a need or celebratory event arises in their own lives or within the community. 

When that need (injury, illness, loss) or occasion (e.g., birth, marriage) becomes known, a team member contacts the person to ask for permission to write a Caring Note for the weekly email, the CommUUNicator. If the answer is ‘yes,’ the Team asks whether cards, emails, or phone calls would be appreciated; and if the person needs a meal plan or other help, such as transportation, errands or possibly pet care. In the case of those more detailed needs, a dedicated email is sent to USG Members and Friends (and not sent to USG’s social media accounts, such as Facebook.) Nothing is done without the recipient’s permission, so that privacy is maintained. 

Recipients make excellent role models for being willing to accept help when it is needed. The givers are role models for a key Unitarian Universalist value: generosity. The warmth of the experience can lead to lifelong friendships. The Caring Team is grateful and touched that they often get more offers to assist than they can accept. 

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