Linked HERE is a copy of the AMENDED Proposal for Reparations at USG dated 3/6/2024 which was passed by the USG congregation at the meeting on April 7. The vote was 71 in favor, 6 opposed. Now, the Reparations Committee is compiling notes of its town hall meetings’ questions, comments and concerns. The information will be passed to a NEW committee which will work on process and actions. Several members have agreed to stay on the new committee; others are rotating off.
The NEW committee needs a few more members to carry out this further work: to determine a process to distribute the set aside money. If you are a good fit and want the board to consider you for the new committee, please email

History of the Proposal: 
The reparations committee was an outgrowth of a group of USG members who studied and reflected on the UUA working paper entitled “Widening the Circle of Concern.” That study and reflection went on for two years, from approximately June 2020 to June 2022. Each person who participated in the Widening the Circle study group was asked to go forward with one or more actions with the view to Widening the Circle at USG. The Reparations Committee began work in October 2022. Over time others volunteered for the committee. In April 2023, we invited members from Green Street Friends Meeting to visit USG and explain the reparations proposal they have enacted. In October 2023 USG’s Reparations Committee. presented the proposal to the Elderhood group. In December 2023, we presented it to the USG Board.  The week of Jan 22, 2023, the proposal emailed to members. Town hall discussions held Sunday Feb 4 in person, after the church service, Tuesday Feb 13, by Zoom 7:00pm (cancelled for no rsvps), Sunday Feb 25 in person, after the church service and Wednesday Mar 6, by Zoom, 7:00pm.
Reparations FAQs