The members of the current Nominating Committee and the Nominees are listed below with the year when their three-year term expires.
Brandi Kirksey (thru FY 2025)
Craig Miller (thru FY 2025)
Norman Matlock (thru FY 2026)
Linda O’Gwynn (thru FY 2026)
Delores Hill (thru FY 2027)
Treva Burger (thru FY 2027)

Nominating Committee Bios

NOTE: At the fall Annual Meeting on September 28, 2014, the congregation approved Amending Bylaws to Expand Nominating Committee. The change to the Bylaws expand the membership of the Nominating Committee to six members (from five) and stagger their terms so that two new members are elected each year (rather than all annual terms, with an entirely new Nominating Committee elected every year). The purpose is to allow the Nominating Committee to utilize learnings from their work in subsequent years, and to enable them to offer assistance in filling volunteer opportunities other than membership on the Board.