In keeping with the reconfiguration of the Sullivan Chapel to support religious education activities at USG, Sullivan Library has been reconfigured as well. William L. Sullivan’s collection of books has been culled and a small subset retained. A catalog of these texts is available in the Library and on the USG website. Other collections are gathered in the reconfigured library. All are described below.

Follow this link to view a Google doc of the Sullivan Library Book List

To search the Google doc, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, then click “Find”, then put your search term into the box that says “Find in document.”


The unlocked shelves on the right side of the wall of bookcases contain books donated for USG member/participating friend use.  You are invited to borrow a book of interest, sign out on the accompanying clipboard, and return it when through. There is a follow-up procedure, so do return the book when finished.

You are also invited to donate books of interest to our liberal religious community directly to the shelves.  These may be reviewed for pertinence.


The Green Sanctuary Committee has a dedicated shelf of topical books.  The cabinet is unlocked and books are available for home borrowing.  Please sign the Green Sanctuary clipboard and return the book when through. 


The locked cabinets contain books retained from the collection originally begun with the Library of William Laurence Sullivan, minister of the Unitarian Society of Germantown from 1929-1935.  These books were supplemented over the years from funds left in his wife’s will for that purpose.  When the wing was renovated recently, the collection was culled and books sold.  What has been retained is a collection of books written by USG ministers and members; books dedicated by their authors to USG or its ministers; books on Unitarian and liberal religious history; and miscellaneous other topics.

The collection is available for supervised use in the building.  Those wishing access to books in the collection may sign the log available in the Office during normal business hours (M-F, 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM), receive a key, use the materials, replace the materials and lock the cabinet at the close of the session, and return the key to the Office.