Faith Under Pressure, Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt

So many of us come to Unitarian Universalism to find community, to renew our spirits, to commit ourselves to the work of justice. But the promises we made as liberal religious people were made in a world very different than the one in which … read more.

In God We Trust? Rev. Kent Matthies

Rumi said, “You were born with goodness and trust.”  The question often becomes, trust in what?  Trust in God?  Trust in Love?  Trust in Life?  These are deep and complicated questions for many of us.  Thankfully, our Unitarian Universalist tradition embraces an open and … read more.

The Possibility of Me, You, and Us, Esther Wyss-Flamm

At the heart of each one of us resides essential Light, also known in Sanskrit as prana. In most of us, however, this Light is dampened, shrouded in a cloak of self-protective darkness that prevents us from standing fully in our powerful presence, individually and … read more.