Restarting daily from 5-6pm on April 21, weather permitting and not on holidays.

Bring your signs or we have some to share. This is a peaceful, family-friendly event, and the 14th district police have been informed.

Participants need to wear masks and maintain social distancing. Contact Mary Kalyna at

November 2 marked the FIVE MONTH anniversary of our vigil “Standing in Solidarity for Racial Justice.” On June 2, shortly after the murder of George Floyd, two of us stood in front of the Unitarian Society of Germantown church on Lincoln Drive with handmade signs. Since then we have grown and stood every weekday, weather permitting, in a mutual exchange of solidarity, resistance, and sometimes sorrow with evening rush hour drivers. After a pause that started December 3 because of COVID and winter weather, we resumed April 21. Thank you for your support! Hope to see you sometime!