Our Black Lives Matter Vigil is on Tuesday evenings, we have paused for the winter months. We plan to restart in March. We have signs to purchase if you would like one for your home. Please park in the lot behind the church (GPS address 359 W Johnson) and then join us on Lincoln Dr.

Contact Mary Kalyna at solidarity@usguu.org for information or with questions.

Press coverage of our special vigil dedicated to the memory of Walter Wallace, Jr on the one year anniversary of his death at the hands of Philadelphia police.


WHYY  ‘We want a new vision’: A year after police killed Walter Wallace Jr., Philadelphians call for change


Fox 29  Vigil, call to act held for Walter Wallace, Jr., shot to death by police during mental episode

CBS 3 Philadelphia Community Still Wants ‘Real Justice’ For Walter Wallace Jr. A Year After Fatal Police Shooting

NBC 10  Philly to Spend $14M on Equipping Police With Stun Guns After Wallace Shooting


Philly Metro One year later, community mourns Walter Wallace, Jr. as activists continue calls for change

Video with images and interviews of the special vigil by journalist Marion Callahan

Walter Wallace, Jr Memorial Vigil, October 27, 2021
Yom Kippur 2021 with P’nai Or September 10, 2021
On our 1 year anniversary, June 2, 2021