Working on the RTP houses is a fun and rewarding tradition at USG. We have worked with amazing people over the years and strengthened our relations with each other. Anyone who has participated will confirm how rewarding it is. Our day to be involved this year is generally early to mid-October; if you are interested in volunteering, contact George Buckmann,

This video will show what the block build is like. Both the homeowners and the volunteers describe how meaningful the experience is.

USG has partnered with Rebuilding Together Philadelphia since 2011. Each year we help a homeowner who is unable to make needed repairs to a house due to financial issues. In 2016 we helped a homeowner who lived in a house with three generations of family members. We all worked together to make the house functional and safe for the residents.

RBT 2016 people

Volunteers hard at work:

RBT Carl RBT Eli RBT Kent RBT men

Before and after pictures of the laundry room:

RTP laundry beforeRTP laundry after

We also Share the Plate with Rebuilding Philly that month. In this video, Linda is telling the children a story about our work with the organization.

There are jobs for all kinds of volunteers (age 14 and up). Please be part of this effort next year. We have made a real difference in the lives of many low income homeowners.

You can learn more about the work of Rebuilding Together at the website