Light and Shadow: Stories from St. Elizabeth’s, Rev. McKinley Sims

Kin will talk about doing justice work in D.C. and working in the psych ward at St. Elizabeth’s and how these places offer us a glimpse of our shadows and our lights, psychological parts of our ego. We have to engage both, and reckon with our shadows as individuals, as a society, and as UU culture to truly get close to justice making.

Rev. McKinley Sims is currently serving as a Chaplain Resident at St. Elizabeth’s Behavioral Health Hospital in Washington, DC, focusing on the intersection of mental illness, homelessness, and income inequality.

He was born in Lubbock, the capital city of West Texas and the proud home of Buddy Holly, the Dixie Chicks, and Mac Davis, but he grew up all around the Texas Panhandle’s Hansford County and the small town of Gruver, TX (pop. 1115). Kin served as USG’s student minister in 2014. He will be ordained at USG on May 19 and he is looking forward to returning to Philadelphia in the near future.