Youth Group
9th-12th Grades
Many but not all Sunday nights from 6-8pm

Youth Group is a co-ed Sunday evening program that offers high school youth a safe and welcoming space for social interaction and spiritual development. It is a place where youth deepen relationships with one another, build community and establish life-long friendships. Youth Group is primarily youth-led, as they design and facilitate most activities. The program balances service learning, social action, youth-led worship, inquiry into important issues and good old fashioned fun. All are welcome. Check the calendar below for when youth group meets.

2018 Child Spiritual Development Master Calendar

We are also offering Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education for 10-12th grades this year, but that class is now closed to registration.

Coming of Age (COA) every other year, next 2018-19
9th and 10th Grades
Most Sunday mornings 10:30-11:30am

Coming of Age is a Rites of Passage program. It is our community’s way of marking the passage from childhood into adolescents. It is offered every other year. Throughout the course of the year, students are challenged to deepen their understanding of UUism, the work of USG and their own beliefs. Our Sunday morning meetings invite students to dig deeply into the ideas and ideals that are central to their life. Facilitators engage youth through inquiry, helping them to navigate the identity creation process in which COA youth are engaged. The COA year includes opportunities for service, fellowship, fun and adventure. Activities on both Sunday mornings and at other times engage youth in a process that culminates in the creation of personal credos (from the Latin: “what I set my heart to”). In the spring, a special youth-led service celebrates a unique threshold in their spiritual journey, when youth are ready to share their own credos with the larger congregation. Youth are expected to attend each weekly class. This program requires a high level of commitment by parents and youth and regular participation is essential. If your youth is interested in joining this class, please contact lead teacher, Treva Burger,