Faith in Love’s Imperfection, Rev. Joan Javier-Duval

We all long to receive and give love. Yet, living in loving relationship can be messy and heart-breaking. Can grappling with and accepting love’s imperfections lead us to the love we seek? Joan now serves the Unitarian Church of Montpelier, VT. From 2012-14, she was a beloved intern and consulting minister at USG.

Coming Clean, Rev. Lee Paczulla

Spirituality isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being honest so we can know the true power of grace and love in our lives. Spiritual practices can help us “come clean” and live more intentionally – awake and aware to what’s really happening, within us and around us. Rev. Lee serves the WellSprings congregation.

Mind the (Divine) Gap, Charles Gabriel

God is found in that narrow space between where our human relationships elevate our human experience into a spiritual experience. Judeo/Christian scripture, as well as other religious sources, teaches us how to maximize this experience by expanding our relationships into caring for others in need.Charles joined USG in 2004 and has held many leadership positions.

Beyond Binary Thinking to Acceptance and Peace, Parvathy Menon

Binary thinking (good/evil, rich/poor, love/hate) is a powerful force. Constantly pitching polarities against each other is a destructive paradigm that allows for no in-betweens. What might it take to break this pattern? Parvathy Menon is a committed friend of USG.

Welcome Back Rev. Kent!

Join us as we welcome Rev. Kent back to the pulpit after his sabbatical. We’ll learn how he spent his time away, what he learned, and his thoughts about Mindfulness, our Worship and Small Group theme of the month.