When the Story Breaks: 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, Rev. Kent Matthies & USG Choir

500 years ago Luther posted his 95 theses, a major catalyst to the Reformation. Religion, a social construct designed to meet personal and community needs, is often deeply interwoven with prevailing narratives. When the story breaks, like learning the earth is not flat and the sun does not orbit the earth, big changes can happen. 

Living with Chaos, Rev. Kent Matthies & USG Choir

If we are lucky, we grow up with some sense of order. Throughout our lives though, we all experience moments of disruption or chaos from mental illness, addiction, moving, a natural disaster or just having lots of surprises in a day. How do we come to identify, accept and work creatively and positively with chaos?

What Does Make America Great? Mark Bernstein

What should spiritual people do in these interesting times? Is it time to give up, or redouble our efforts to save the soul of our country? A mythological battle. Mark Bernstein has been USG’s Board President and is now our Treasurer. Last year he retired after serving 30 years as a Common Pleas Judge .

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Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos, Rev. Kent Matthies, Jason Bender, Constance Simon

Come join us for the tradition of Dia de los Muertos.  Our church becomes a respectful and happy place to remember the dead, even when other places in society some times are not.  Please bring a photo of a deceased loved one to share at our altar.