Beltaine Celebration, Dennis and Shannon Strain and Donya Caldwell

Beltaine celebrates the coming of summer and the brightest days of the year. It is a time of cleansing, opening the windows and doors to the warmth of the sun, and celebrating the earth’s fertility. Following the service, we will honor the ancient tradition of dancing around the Maypole, something all ages can enjoy.

Coming of Age Service

The fourth UU principle encouraging a free and responsible search for truth and meaning guides the Coming of Age class as they spend the year thinking and talking about what is true for them and what they believe is most important as they become young adults. Come hear what they have to say.

Journey Toward Wholeness, Connie Simon, Intern Minister

Humans are fragile creatures –alternately weak and strong, brave and frightened, carrying our hopes and dreams, burdens, fears and insecurities as we navigate through life.  Sometimes our fragility tears us apart individually and as community.  It can also bring us closer.   How do we come together in wholeness?

Resonance of Faith: The 7 Principle Song Cycle, Emily Joy Goldberg

Emily Joy has found a way to share UUism in a concise, joyful and memorable package with her original song cycle. She will be joined by the USG band and choir presenting songs inspired by each of our 7 UU Principles.  Clap your hands, tap your feet and be a part of this joyful noise!