The Town Hall Meeting in the wake of George Floyd’s death will begin at 7:00 and can be accessed at this link- The password is “townhall” if needed.

We will be holding space for people to share. We will ask you to raise your virtual hand if you’d like to share. To raise your virtual hand, go to the Participants list and you should see an option to “raise hand”. It may be at the bottom, it may appear when you hover over your name. One of the leaders will call on you and you will be unmuted. Each person will have 3 minutes. You will hear a chime when there are 30 seconds left and another at 3 minutes and then please just finish your sentence.

We ask that you:

Listen with an open heart, to be sure you have heard and understood what has been shared.

Share what is true for you in this moment, not as a rebuttal to another’s offering.

Speak respectfully and compassionately of those present and not present.

After this meeting, we can share things we’ve learned or heard, but not share other’s names or stories.