Our auction committee is delighted to announce an online silent auction kicking off on Sunday, May 2nd!
Our theme is Spring Forward, as we all hope to make steps ahead at USG and in the rest of the world.  
The auction committee would like to focus our efforts this year on creating a win-win situation for USG and local businesses. So many of our fun auction items often include group events (dinners, parties, etc.) that will be untenable under current circumstances. We would like to suggest instead that you buy a gift certificate from a favorite local business to donate to this year’s auction. Every year several businesses donate gift certificates or purchase advertising – this can be our year to give back and say thanks!
We will be accepting other donations that are Covid safe. Please use your imagination and submit a donation of either a gift card or your great idea- the possibilities are endless! Submit your donation by completing an Auction Donation Form at this link.
(Please bear with us as we navigate this new auction frontier and hold off on making any purchases you would not keep for yourself or give to a friend until we confirm your item- we may be limited in what we can accept this year.)
Please join our kick off event on May 2nd !
Deb Kish-Silver, Auction Chair