CLICK HERE to register and bid.

This year’s theme is Stepping Stones to honor the strides we are making during our transition. We appreciate your participation as the auction is an important part of our budget.

Some helpful hints for navigating our Auction Website menu, which looks like this:

  • If you want to see just events being offered at a flat price- go to Poster Events.
  • If you want to see items and events that will go only to the highest bidder or bidders- go to Main Auction. (You can even set it up so the system will bid for you!)
  • If you want to see just items being offered at a flat price, no bidding- go to For Sale.
  • If you want to purchase tickets for the wine raffle or 50/50 raffle- go to Raffle Tickets.
  • If you want to see every single event and thing being offered this year, both flat price and high bidder- go to Auction.

Here is a handy video with step-by-step instructions on registering and bidding: