Upcoming USG Auction Events still open! Click on the links for more info and to register!

Oct. 8, Saturday, 7:00pm: Wine and Chocolate Tasting from Kurt Ahrens & Eva Finney – $30

Oct. 18, Tuesday, Time TBDA Storytelling Session: Stories of Indian women, goddesses and“demonesses” from Parvathy Menon – $15

Oct. 22, Saturday, 10am: Afternoon in Chinatown from Judi Morrow & Friends – $15

There are still more items and social gatherings available, CLICK HERE to access the Auction website.

Roots hold me close; wings set me free: Spirit of life, come to me, come to me.

This year’s theme was ROOTS & WINGS! We were online again this year as we continued to transition to life outside the nest! This year’s Auction kicked off after our May 1st Sunday Service with a bidding period through May 10th, 2022.

This year every person who donated an item was entered to win a $25 Weaver’s Way gift card.

In addition, every bidder was entered to win specially roasted High Point coffee, with a winner drawn every day of the Auction period.

Some helpful hints for navigating our Auction Website menu, which looks like this:

  • If you want to see just events being offered at a flat price- go to Poster Events.
  • If you want to see items and events that will go only to the highest bidder or bidders- go to Main Auction. (You can even set it up so the system will bid for you!)
  • If you want to see just items being offered at a flat price, no bidding- go to For Sale.
  • If you want to purchase tickets for the wine raffle or 50/50 raffle- go to Raffle Tickets.
  • If you want to see every single event and thing being offered this year, both flat price and high bidder- go to Auction.

Here is a handy video with step-by-step instructions on registering and bidding: