Author: Mark Thompson

Kent’s August TrUUmpet

Dear Friends,

A cardinal hopping from branch to branch in a Japanese Maple….

Large pelts of rain knocking on the window, blessedly pushing the heat wave out….

Kids splashing and laughing in the swimming pool, water shining up to the skies….
These are the sights and sounds of … read more.

Good bye to Rev. Daniel Gregoire

Daniel joined the USG staff in 2013 and after three years of excellent service, he decided to leave USG to seek settled parish ministry. We wish him all the best in the next phase of his ministry.

In sharing his news with the congregation, Daniel wrote:

I … read more.

Kent’s May TrUUmpet

Dear Friends,

Here at USG as our 150th celebration winds down, we are coming off another wonderful visit from a past USG Minister. Returning for the first time in 20 years, Rev. Bill Gardiner and his wife Peggy brought many excellent memories and much love.

One of … read more.

Kent’s March TrUUmpet

Posted by Kent Matthies on March 23, 2016 at 11:00am

Dear Friends,

My gratitude abounds for February Study Leave.  Thanks to everyone who worked to afford me the opportunity to take a full month of study, reflection and creativity.

During time away from my regular duties I went deeper … read more.

Kent’s January TrUUmpet

Posted by Kent Matthies on December 22, 2015 at 4:30pm

Dear Friends,

Alongside an historic drive sitting on six acres of grassy hills and live oaks our steeple reaches to the sky from lovely greening copper roof. Inside warm, brown beams and lovely stained glass windows create a … read more.