Black Lives Matter Forum at USG

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

img_8783The Forum is designed to bring together civic leaders, law enforcement officials, congregants from local houses of worship and members of the Delaware Valley community for an open discussion on the relationship between law enforcement and people of color. Our goal is to provide open lines of communication and tools to build better relationships between law enforcement and people of color in our community.

The evening will commence with a one-hour panel discussion allowing the panelists to share their perspectives and information on law enforcement interactions with people of color. It will also include a moderator-led Q&A with specific questions for the panelists. The second hour will be an open Q&A for members of the community to ask questions.

Forum Panelists:

First Assistant District Attorney George Mosee, Philadelphia, PA

Reverend Laurie Sweigard, Central Baptist Church, Wayne, PA

Mrs. Anita Friday, Esquire

Reverend Naomi Leapheart, Faith Work Director of the National LGBTQ Task Force

Pennsylvania State Senator Arthur Haywood, Senate District 4

Erica Mines, Philly Coalition for REAL Justice

Moderated by Andrea Durham