Author: Treva Burger

Music Director Job Description

Job Title: Music Director    
Start date: by January 2023
FLSA Status: Exempt 

Reports to:  Senior Minister (or Interim Senior Minister)

Hours per week:  15 hours per week, evening and weekend work required, 12 months per year. Plans and programs music for all 52 Sundays and Christmas … read more.

General Assembly 2019

Treva Burger, Eric Foster and Louise Lisi attended this year’s GA in Spokane, Washington June 19-23. They will report on their experience after the worship service on Sunday, August 25.

In the mean-time, there is much online material available for people to read … read more.

UU General Assembly 2018 Experiences

This year’s General Assembly was in Kansas City, MO. The next one is June 19 – 23, 2019 in Spokane, WA. The following are the reflections of Treva Burger, Julie Rigano, Eric Foster and Crystal Penn. Four of the 7 from USG who attended GA this year … read more.

Putting Pronouns on Nametags

The Welcoming (Membership) team in coordination with the Welcoming Congregation (promoting inclusivity of all *LGBTQIA identities) Refresher Task Force, will begin offering and encouraging putting pronouns on name tags.

There is a new name tag request form at the Welcome Table and we will also have … read more.

More about the White Supremacy Teach In

In collaboration with 100s of UU congregations around the country, join us Sunday October 22.

Unitarian Universalist Aisha Ansano poignantly wrote, “White people tend to be visitors to the struggle for racial justice, ones that aren’t forced to be there but can choose to come in … read more.

My GA Experience ~ by Helena Showell

My Thoughts and Insights Regarding My Attendance at General Assembly 2017
 from Anti-Racism and White Supremacy Perspectives

by Helena Showell

          Attending General Assembly in New Orleans for the first time was a powerful experience for me, full of inspiration, exhortation, encouragement, … read more.

Resources from the UU General Assembly

USG had 18 youth and adults attend the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly in New Orleans in June 2017. Here are resources they collected.

2017’s GA voted on the 8th principle as a resolution to go into committee form.  The 8th principle was written by and … read more.

Why Do The Words Matter?

This spring was challenging at USG and in many UU congregations all over the country. The words White Supremacy hit many of us hard. We have heard that many people felt they were being called white supremacists and that we were insisting that they use the words white … read more.

Examining White Privilege

Ideally all white people spend some of their time examining their privilege and reflecting on ways to give it up. This is a very deep personal process that is essential to becoming a truly equal society. With the goal of helping the white people of … read more.