Fall Community Day

8:30 am - 12:30 pm

A Day of Exploring Spiritual Practices, Worshipping Together, Sharing Thanksgiving Bread Communion & A Pancake Brunch
Bring Friends and Guests — All Are Welcome!
Childcare available from 8:15 – 12:15pm for infants to 3 and 4-year-olds.
Dining Room open for coffee and figuring out which 8:30 workshop would be the most fun…
8:30am Workshops
(choose one or move around)
Percussion Making for Kids
Omar Torrance from the UUrban Mystics Band will lead children and youth in this percussion making workshop, which they can play at the 9:30am Drumming For All Ages Workshop. Percussion Making will be in the Bristol Room.

Kristin Shipler and her exotic harmonium will lead us in chants that will still the soul as the voice vibrates in harmony with the Universe. Words (or at least phonetic syllables) will be provided. An ancient spiritual practice that links us to many millennia and beautiful Eastern cultures. In the Youth Lodge/ Nursery School.
Dance of Universal Peace

Sharon Fisher will lead us in The Dances of Universal Peace and Walking Concentrations, spiritual practices in motion. Drawing on the sacred phrases, scripture, and poetry of the many spiritual traditions of the earth, the Dances blend chant, live music and evocative movement into a living experience of unity, peace and integration. This taste of our true nature – as Universal Peace – opens to the possibility of a deep spiritual revolution within the person. Come, dress comfortably, dance. It’s easy! In the Edna Jones Assembly Room.

Mindfulness Meditation
For those unfamiliar with or new to meditation, this is a gently guided time of quiet and stillness led by Sharon Mafuru. For those experienced meditators, it is  a chance to recapture “beginner’s mind.”  Either way, a beautiful way to greet the morning magically doing nothing with a group of like minded (or quiet minded) souls. In Sullivan Chapel.
9:30am Workshops
(choose one or move around)
Coming of Age Band Rehearsal
Jay Klales will lead the Coming of Age class in a band rehearsal in the Sanctuary.
Drumming for All Ages

Bill Marconi of the Germantown Settlement Academy returns to lead us in exploring how the rhythms of the drums reach to our primeval souls. From booming deep drums to gentle finger percussives, let your heartbeat sync with those around you in finding a common rhythm that builds a unique spiritual union…that is really cool! In the Youth Lodge/ Nursery School.

The USG Wannabe Choir

Have you always wanted to be part of that awesome USG Choir but didn’t have the time for practice or the nerve to sing out in your very questionable voice? Our inimitable Music Director Mark Daugherty will take you and mold you into a virtual diva (or divo?) in only 45 minutes and lead you and your hearty fellow choristers in providing the music for our special Community Day service. In the Edna Jones Assembly Room.

Yoga as a Spiritual Practice for All Ages

Esther Wyss-Flamm returns to lead a gentle but stimulating class which features classic yoga poses modified as needed (chairs okay) to meet all levels from beginner to yogi with a sense of the spiritual and meditative dimensions of movement. Wear comfortable clothes, bring your mat or borrow one from Esther. In Sullivan Chapel.

10:15am – Coffee and Share Workshop Experiences
10:30am – Intergenerational Worship Service

Thanksgiving Bread Communion, Rev. Kent Matthies

Thanksgiving is known as the American Seder.  Regardless of religion this holiday allows us to pause and give thanks and commit to giving back to life.  At this worship service, we will reflect upon and share the things for which we are grateful. And we will partake in the bread communion, led by our children.

            Music by Wannabe Choir & COA Band & More!
            Bread Communion, courtesy Littlest Bakers
11:30am (or so) – Pancake Brunch

All Welcome! $5 Suggested Donation; Kids free


 Then enjoy the rest of your Sunday with a smile in your heart!