To request that an item be placed on the Board’s agenda, please email the Board President,president@usguu.orgwith all of the following information (you can copy and paste into an email):

Board Agenda Request Date:


Name of person making request:


Phone number:




Name of group being represented:


History and background information the church board needs to consider this issue:


To what church groups has this been presented? Support? Has it been presented to church staff? 


Please clearly describe the action you want the Board to take (a proposed resolution may help expedite board action on your request.)

Anticipated cost: 

Do you wish to make a personal presentation at the Board meeting?


If so how much time (in 5 minute increments) do you feel you will need? Who should be notified of the Board’s action?
If you prefer, you can print this form and hand it to the President or put it in the President mailbox in the office.