Unitarian Universalists believe that every child brings new life and hope into the world. We set aside a special time, called a Child Dedication, for the community to bless the child and celebrate the blessing of this gift of life. When we dedicate a child we acknowledge the truth that each child’s life is sacred and hold that truth in the light of our faith.

The church community has the privileged role not only of supporting the parents in the sacred task of nurturing life but also of weaving the threads of culture—history, values, arts, wisdom, visions—into a fabric that can enfold the family.

There is no “standard” UU Ceremony of Dedication, and each service may use different words and elements from family, cultural, and religious traditions. As we join together to name and dedicate the child and ourselves, the identity and values of the church community and the family give the ceremony meaning. We affirm our commitment to nurture the child and hold the child in the fabric of community.  A Child Dedication is appropriate when a new baby is born, when a child is adopted, or when a family decides to join a UU community and wishes to have its children welcomed through Dedication.

This description borrows heavily from We Dedicate This Child by Linda Olsen Peebles.