Here’s a list of things you can do to protect yourself and support others. Take care of yourself, and try not to panic. Some of these are Philly-centric, but might apply to folks outside of Philly. Feel free to share/forward!

THANK YOU to everyone who’s helped me update this list so far!

Take Care of Yourself at Home

Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds (Alphabet Song, or my fav the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” chorus – Important Update: or the chorus of Dolly Parton’s Light of a Clear Blue Morning”). I wash mine every time I go in or out of a place where there’s a sink and soap. My church is framing it as thinking of handwashing as anointing!

Stock for a potential 2-3 week quarantine if you can, but please keep it to 2-3 weeks. Focus on essentials, hand soap and sanitizer, and any regular medications. You want other folks, especially more vulnerable populations, to have hand sanitizer, believe me. And making your own hand sanitizer requires just rubbing alcohol and aloe vera, much easier than I thought!

This is a particularly hard time for folks experiencing domestic abuse. The National Domestic Violence Hotline shares some of the impact they’ve seen, and tips for survivors. 1-800-799-7233 | 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

Ask For What You Need!

Fill out this form if you need help of any kind: Neighbors helping Neighbors: Request For Aid – Philly Mutual Aid for Folks affected by COVID-19 and/or check out this info from the Inquirer.

There are free food distribution sites across Philly. No need to show proof of income or anything, but one box per household limit.

Help Others if You Can

Fill out this form if you can provide help to neighbors: Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Philly Mutual Aid for folks Affected by COVID-19 and/or check out this info from the Inquirer.

Find volunteer opportunities through the city (eg with food distribution).

Support low-income workers in Philly by signing this petition. Philadelphia is the poorest big city in the country, and nearly 18% of our residents don’t have health insurance.

Help LGBTQ+ Service Industry Professionals Who Are Affected By Covid-19 by tipping via this list of Venmo/CashApp/PayPal accounts for LGBTQ bartenders, bar staff, restaurant staff as well as DJ’s and drag/burlesque/cabaret performers!

For Teachers/Families with Youth

Check out these places for kid meals and rec centers open for kids.

A reminder that Philly’s Health Centers see everyone: insurance or no, citizen or no. No English? They translate.

Philadelphia Young Playwrights has a list of youth and family theatre activities for elementary students as well as middle and high schoolers – and they’re refreshing them regularly! (Thanks Lisa!)

Check out these Remote Learning Tools & Resources (Thanks Steve!)

Stay Connected

Zoom (video conferencing) is temporarily lifting the 40-minute time limit on free Basic accounts for schools affected by the Coronavirus. It may apply to out-of-school-time as well, not sure.

Comcast and AT&T are offering free internetfor those without access (free hotspots, waving fines, etc).

First Unitarian , the Unitarian Society of Germantown ( and Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration are live streaming services, and they are deeply meaningful. Other churches and other religions/spiritual practices may be doing the same. It’s a great way to try out a new practice without showing up in person!

Check out these virtual museum tours. I have mixed feelings about this one, since I think they’re putting musicians at risk, but the Philly Orchestra and the Met Opera are live streaming free concerts.

Find ways to maintain human social connection while physically distancing. Call or text your neighbors, family and friends. Try a zoom/hangouts/skype happy hour with friends, or a dinner with family (my first was an utter failure, and I loved it.) Chat with people you see on the street – six feet distancing allows for some great conversations! And remember how much is possible remotely, and continue to consider and advocate for that after this passes. It’s a great way to support our neighbors who are disabled, parenting, etc.

Find the Support You Need if You’re Working Remotely

Take Care of Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Read this highly relevant poem for an uplifting way to think about all this: “Pandemic” by Lynn Ungar.

While Philly is on lock-down, you can still go for walks or do outdoor activities alone or with the folks you’re on lock-down with.

Check out One Philly: Corona Virus Public Art Project online. And this compilation of all kinds of art online.

Check out this psychologist’s science-based tips for emotional resilience during the coronavirus crisis

Use these guiding questions from the Bartol Foundation to remind yourself where to put your priorities and focus.

Listen to Ursula Rucker and Daniel Rateuke inspiring collaboration “Or Stay Alive.”

Be uplifted by library workers’ organizing wins in Philly.

Check out this list of Online AA Meetings During COVID-19. (Thanks for sharing, Chuck!)

Shaun Logan, amazing physical therapist AND personal trainer I’ve worked with before, and founder of Logan Kinei, is offering 50% off remote assessments and 30 or 50 minute single sessions (movement and mindfulness focused), some free classes, and remote group work as well.

Check out this coping skills workbook from Restoration Therapy Services.

Try out a meditation/mindfulness/breathing practice. Some of my fav meditation and calming apps (some of which include white noise to help with sleep):

Autumn Brown and adrienne maree brown have had an amazing podcast for a few years now

How to Survive the End of the World (learning from the apocalypse with grace, rigor and curiosity).

Check out these home workouts – staying active can help mitigate anxiety and depression, keep pain at bay, and keep your mind and body engaged.

Prepare for the Future

Register for a mail-in ballot by April 21 to avoid going to your polling place (which is also just helpful in general for a lot of folks.

Fill out your census form (you’ll get a mailing about it, and you can respond via mail or online). The Census determines everything from funding to House representation for the next 10 years- make sure you’re counted! The Inky has a great guide if you have questions.

Learn More and Stay Updated

Call the Greater Philadelphia Coronavirus Helpline 24/7 if you have questions, text COVIDPHL to 888-777 receive Philly updates, and/or see all the current press releases from the city here.

Sign up for this webinar on COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness for Small Businesses.

For more information, join this Facebook group , Philly Area Abolish COVID.