Ending Racism Resource List This is an extensive list of articles, books, podcasts, videos and exhibitions, divided by topic.

Preview Germantown Historic Society’s (GHS) upcoming exhibit “Inspiring Bright April: Race and Class in 1940’s Germantown. The exhibit celebrates children’s book Bright April by Marguerite de Angeli and Nellie Rathbone Bright. The exhibit’s preview is available at GHS, 5501 Germantown Ave. on Tuesdays 9-1 and Thursdays 1-5. Knock for tour admission or email Barbara Dowdall at endingracism@usguu.org

There is a Racism Book Study Group that meets second Mondays at 7:30pm, plus possible other times. See Adult Spiritual Development page or event list for updated days/times and what’s being read.

This short (4 minute) video explains the main barrier for African Americans in the US against to achieve generational wealth, attending college and an improved quality of life.

A longer (16 minute) video with more detail on the reasons for the racial wealth gap.

ERC African American Read-In 2021 This is a list of the books by African Americans that USG members and friends reported reading in February 2021.

Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre

New York Times section on the Tulsa Race Massacre https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/20/us/tulsa-greenwood-massacre.html?name=styln-tulsa-1921&region=TOP_BANNER&block=storyline_menu_recirc&action=click&pgtype=Article&variant=show

Tulsa Race Massacre Commission https://www.tulsa2021.org/

Tulsa: The Fire and the Forgotten/PBS https://www.pbs.org/wnet/tulsa-the-fire-and-the-forgotten/

Code Switch/NPR, Tulsa 100 Years Later https://www.npr.org/2021/05/25/1000118546/tulsa-100-years-later

Hearing on Centennial of 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre https://www.c-span.org/video/?511795-1/hearing-centennial-1921-tulsa-race-massacre

Fresh Air/WHYY/NPR, Gripping Documentaries Mark the 100th Anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre https://www.npr.org/2021/05/27/1000876841/gripping-documentaries-mark-the-100th-anniversary-of-the-1921-tulsa-race-massacr

Rendering Justice a powerful in person and virtual exhibition at the African American Museum of Philadelphia, curated by artist Jesse Krimes, that showcases an expansive examination of mass incarceration and an unflinching depiction of contemporary America. 

Black History Boot Camp from girltrek.org a podcast that is a “21 Day walking meditation in the footsteps of our foremothers.”

The Barnes Foundation presents Facing Change, an online speakers series. Next conversation is June 14, 2021.

A Guide and Call to Land Acknowledgment

Summer of Racial Reckoning podcast series from NPR
Part 1: The Match Lit
Part 2: The System
Part 3: The Way Forward

Pair of Inquirer Op Eds from best friends who do a anti racism podcast together.
‘No white people today’: The daily grind of racism
‘You were so racist’: Being called out, and better for it

The op ed John Lewis wrote for the New York Times: Together You Can Redeem he Soul of Our Nation. He asked that they publish it on the day of his funeral. You can read it or listen to it at that link.

A 16 minute podcast/article entitled Black Masterman Students Call Out Racism from the Why at WHYY. It is an interview with Kayla Gibson, a 2020 Masterman graduate about her documentary “16” which is linked in the article.