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The Mitten is a Ukrainian folk tale about caring for each other when times are hard. Told on the 2 year anniversary of COVID-19 on March 13, 2022.
Dreamers’s Powerful Tiger, by Angel Morgan. This is a longer story ages 8 and up about how to use your dreams to face fears and gain confidence in waking life.
Lifetimes: The beautiful way to explain death to children is exactly that. It’s a naturalistic exploration into lifecycles of all creatures, putting our experiences of death into a wider and more sacred context.

Wump World, a classic by Bill Peet, has unexpected relevance today. A 15 minute video with participation suggestions.
Just a dream is a story that delves into how our individual actions matter, especially when it comes to protecting the Earth. Click the image to play!
The Sea of Sleep is a true bedtime story meant to lull you to slumberland. Click the image above to play.


We’ll post sections of our CSD programs after the fact so your family can engage in some spiritual practice in your own time. Not to worry, no children have been recorded here:

Activity! Sharon guides us in how to make a home altar so we can stay close to nature. Click the image above to watch.
1 minute Heart Centered Mindfulness with Ryan

Songs for our Time

Emily Goldberg sings Let it run. Click the image to watch
Click the Image Above to watch Rebekah Eberhart perform “Imagine”
Thanks G-d for Computers, by Emily Joy Goldberg

Need a themed dance party? Here’s a Corona Virus Play List on Spotify

Resources for Children

This sweet video is especially good at reassuring that shelter-at-home is not forever
Advice for kids about caring for grumpy adults at home

GRATITUDE Scavenger Hunt! (Printable PDF)

Resources for Parents

Article: How to avoid burnout amid a pandemic; BBC.

Manage expectations. Recalibrate. Focus on what matters.