About Family Promise (formerly Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network, PIHN)

Family Promise was formerly known as the Northwest Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network  (founded in 1991), then became Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network, and is now Family Promise. It is a network of approximately 10-15 Northwest Philadelphia congregations, churches and synagogues, has moved more than 275 families—745 individuals— from homelessness to stability. USG has been a member for almost 15 years. The program provides assessment and referrals, emergency housing, supportive service and transitional housing. Equipped with new skills and relationships, 92% of the families do not return to shelter programs after their FP experience. USG supports many of this agency’s activities and has hosted several homeless families for two weeks each summer.

Here are examples of some other ways we have supported FP:

    • During the winter holidays, through the Adopt-A-Family Drive, the USG community provides holiday gifts for families in the program.
    • We help keep Philadelphia a little warmer, with the donation of hats, gloves, mittens and scarves during the Christmas Eve Services.
    • Donations at our Christmas Eve service are often shared with FP.
    • Many Martin Luther King Day of Service events are related to poverty and homelessness themes. Volunteers have created shelving for the FP office and others sorted donated baby clothes. Lunches for 1,000 people were assembled in our church kitchen, which were taken to a number of area homeless shelters.
    • Several USG congregants volunteered to be mentors to FP families.
    • For two weeks each summer, USG hosts families at USG as they await permanent living situations.

More information is available at philashelter.org