Day of the Dead: Deceased Heroes of Democracy with Mariachi Flores

Click below to see and print if desired the Order of Service.

With mariachis playing guitar and singing, flowers and candles, photos and mementos we remember deceased loved ones.  USG members will share about deceased heroes who personally impacted them in their life dedication to democracy. 

Ingrid Brown will speak about Unitarian Minister and civil rights martyr Rev. James Reeb. Judge Linda Bernstein will speak about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Linda Brunn will speak about her father, Unitarian Minister and civil rights leader, Rev. Edward Cahill.  Rev. Kent Matthies will speak about his father Rich Matthies who supported his wife, Mary Ellen, at the League of Women Voters.  

In beloved community we make space to honor any and all deceased loved ones who remain in our hearts.  Please bring a photo of a deceased loved one to zoom share!