Ending Racism: Changing Our World, Members of the ERC

Click here for the 8.5×11″ Order of Service

USG’s Ending Racism Committee (ERC) was established in 2000 and is one of the most long-lasting USG groups. This service will belatedly celebrate ERC’s 20th anniversary. It will give you a chance to get better acquainted with many of the initiatives of the committee since its beginning and the people who have diligently worked on them over the years and into the present.

Speakers and participants will include current ERC co-chair Carla Campbell, former ERC co-chair and current committee member Barbara Dowdall, former ERC co-chair and current Board VP Amy Birge-Caracappa, committee members Eileen Teti and Tesha Nesbit, and ERC friend Marilyn Dyson

Eileen read quotes from the ERC’s 150th Anniversary video project where they interviewed many church elders. Click the link above for more info.