Living a Life of Loving Yourself, Amy and Maggie Birge-Caracappa

Every day it seems we are told that there is something wrong with our bodies that needs fixing. We are told that there is one narrow definition of what is normal and ideal and that everything else is wrong. It’s something everyone struggles with. But for people living in a fat body, it is compounded by the pervasive belief that we are to blame for our bodies being outside the acceptable norm. This has lead to systemic fat phobia and discrimination that people of size face every day in big and small ways. We’re going to talk about our experiences with fat phobia and offer some simple things we can all do to uphold the inherent dignity and worth of people of size.

Amy Birge-Caracappa (she/her) and Maggie Birge-Caracappa (she/her) are lifelong activists for queer and fat people’s rights and their desire for equality and dignity. Amy regularly does anti-racism and diversity and inclusion work through the several committees she’s on at the Community College of Philadelphia, as well as working for the acceptance of fat people in her every day life. Maggie is a writer and fat activist, regularly publishing a blog about the challenges fat people face from all corners of life. In My Size can be found on Twitter @inmysizeblog or online at