Music Service ONLINE: Music to Offer Hope and Cheer the Heart on the Threshold of ? Mark Daugherty and the USG Choir

Back in February (it seems a lifetime ago) we had a music service that occurred right after the presidential impeachment failed. It seems it was a cathartic experience for many of those who attended. But now in this time of social distancing so many of us feel isolated and disconnected from one another. The singers in the choir miss getting together to experience the joys and challenges of putting a piece of music together. As I write this blurb, we really have no idea when we might rehearse together again in our beloved Edna Jones Assembly Room. Then too we miss being able to see the congregation as we share our music with you. It’s a strange time we live in and we need something to cheer us up and give us hope. We’ll be presenting music from our archives that will do just that.