My Chosen Faith: Unitarian Universalism, A Gay Humanist African American Perspective! Zachary Bosco

Our UU faith is a chosen faith, even for those raised UU, because  they make the choice to continue on.  Zachary will share his journey to his chosen faith of Unitarian Universalism, talk about some of the interactions he has had with others about why they chose the UU faith, and why the UU faith is a great choice for those seeking community today. 

Zachary Bosco, a graduate of King University of Bristol-Tennessee with a Bachelor’s in Religion, completed further study in areas of Religion, Humanism, Gay Theology, and Unitarian Studies at Meadville Lombard Theological School of Chicago, and the Humanist Institute of Minnesota. He is presently enrolled in online studies in areas of history and psychology with Tusculum University of Tennessee.

He served as former Associate Minister with United Church of Christ, embraced Unitarianism in 2010 and joined USG in 2011. Newly elected to the USG Board of Trustees, he has previously been active at USG in Small Group Ministry, Passover Seder, Adult Spiritual Development Classes, and Elderhood.  He has also participated in wider UU activities such as several General Assemblies, Voting Rights Trips to North Carolina, Mosaic Makers Conferences, and the Unitarian Living Legacy Selma, Alabama trip.
He lives in Wilmington, DE, enjoys traveling as his main hobby, and spending time with family and his dog Bailey.

Pictured is Zachary at the Women’s March.