The Power to Change, USG Elders ONLINE

Click HERE to join the worship service starting at 9:50am on Sunday.

In this time of pandemic, the elders of our beloved USG Community cannot but look back on the many challenges – wars, depressions, nuclear threats, civil disruptions and many other times of darkness – that they have lived through and in many cases emerged from stronger. Now they must deal with a new and novel challenge that will call for a complete reframing of normal. They must again find the power to change. And that, rather than any sage advice, will hopefully be the legacy they pass on to the generations behind them.  

Exploring Elderhood was formed some five years ago inviting all the elders and wannabe elders (all self designated) of USG to explore the spirituality, challenges and joy of the advanced chapters of life and living. It met monthly with a variety of eclectic programs but since the lockdown meets weekly by Zoom where it has become a welcome gathering for all elders but especially for those sheltering alone. Anyone who is not already receiving invitations but would like to, please send an email to with the Subject: Join Elders.