Worship with Molly Roses

Join us for a worship experience that will restore your spirit and invigorate your mind.

Please click here to see the Order of Service. Scroll down to view the recording of the service.

Molly Roses has been participating at USG since 2018 and as Worship Associate since 2022.  Being a multi-racial person of color and LGBTQ+, Molly grew up at the intersection of civil rights, human rights, gender expression, African American and white American culture.  They are the co-founder and principal for a consulting firm, pioneering a breakthrough approach to human performance that rapidly catalyzes Network Leadership. This is an innovative methodology utilizing their Safe To Say meeting methodology that offers profound new access to catalyzing corporate cultures of self-generative leaders and fully collaborative, high performance teams. This approach is proving its effectiveness every day in Fortune 1000 companies, with executives and their teams who had previously been reliant on the deeply imbedded principles and practices of command-and-control, hierarchical leadership.