March 12, 2020

Dear USG Friends and Members,  

Here is our USG update on how we are responding to COVID-19.

With the goal of keeping everyone as safe as possible, effective immediately, we are suspending all non-essential large or small group gatherings at church until further notice. This decision is based upon guidance from various institutions, including the Unitarian Universalist Association.

This coming Sunday’s March 15th worship service, children’s spiritual development, and all other USG programs are cancelled.

Starting on Sunday, March 22nd, we will begin weekly worship and children’s programs on Sunday mornings via livestream or another remote, technology-based platform only. In the coming days we will share information on how people can connect with our USG Sunday morning livestream. 

The worship service on March 22nd will address how we can live healthy and mutually supportive lives during this new reality of the challenges of COVID-19.  

If you are the leader of a group, such as a small group ministry or a committee in the church, we ask you to suspend your meetings or meet remotely. Please contact the church office for suggestions on how to make a phone or video conference happen.

If you identify as a person “at-risk,” or learn you are infected with COVID-19, we urge you to let us know if you are feeling isolated, afraid, or anxious. Our Caring Team has a list of people ready to help you with running errands and to offer other forms of support through this challenging time. The church also has some financial resources available if you need help with the cost of obtaining prescriptions, food or other supplies.

Our COVID-19 Task Force, Staff, and Ministry Executive Team have been working diligently to help our USG community be as healthy as possible. 

The core of our church is love and support. By staying home, we are showing love and support for each other and the wider community. In the coming weeks, the buildings of the church will be closed. However, the buildings are not the church. The people are the church. We the church are changing how we love and support one another. We will continue to learn and adopt best ways to support each other through these challenging times.