There are many no cost ways to meet and connect virtually. Check out options like Google Hangouts or There is also a free version of Zoom that allows meetings of up to 40 minutes for 3 or more people, but has no time limit for meetings of 2 people. 

 If none of these options will work for you, we have now set up a system for allowing USG committees and groups to use USG’s Zoom account to meet virtually. This system is an imperfect but best option, so please bear with us. 

You will need to use this online request form to have USG schedule a Zoom meeting for your USG group. This is a USG created request form and ONLY FOR USG, so please do not forward this form to any outside groups. 

The request should be made by the person who intends to act as the host for the meeting. The host will receive the link to the meeting, usually within 24 hours. The host will be responsible for sharing the link with the other meeting attendees. The other members of your group will NOT automatically be given the link to join the meeting when you make this request. The host will also receive special instructions to follow in order to act as host using USG’s Zoom account. Requests should be made at least 1 week in advance if possible. If you do not receive the link, or are making a request within 48 hours of the meeting date, or have other questions, contact Celeste at