We look forward to hearing from you! To reach our minister or staff members, visit their profiles on our Staff page.  Or search the directory below for names and contact information.

Unitarian Society of Germantown (USG)
6511 Lincoln Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19119-3625
(215)844-1157 (voice mail)

General Information: admin@usguu.org

Office hours Mon & Fri – 9:30 am – 2:30 pm;  Tue, Wed, Thu – 9:30 am – 3:30 pm
(closed on most regular holidays)


Rev. Kent Matthies, Ministerkmatthies@usguu.org

Office hours: Tuesday 9:30-11:30am & 1:30 – 4:00pm; Wednesday 9:30-11:30am; Friday 9:30-11:30 am & 1:30-4:00 pm

Gloria Guldager, Church Administrator-admin@usguu.org

Carolyn Scott, Asst. Administrator (space requests and event announcements)asstadmin@usguu.org

Jason Bender, Director of Spiritual Development  dsd@usguu.org

Office hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm. Please call the main church number, (215)844-1157, or email Jason to make an appointment.

Connie Simon, Intern Minister  internminister@usguu.org

Office hours: Tuesday, 10am-2pm, Thursday, 6pm-9pm, Friday, 1pm-4pm and Sunday 8:30am-3pm

Mark Daugherty, Music Directormusicdirector@usguu.org

Carolyn Cotton, Rental Coordinatorrental@usguu.org

Rudy Sprinkle, Financial Secretarypledgesec@usguu.org

Mike Rogers, Sunday and Special Events Sexton – sexton@usguu.org

Brennan Tax, Bookkeeper (Sean Brennan)sean@brennantax.com

            Wednesdays 9am-Noon   215-951-5585


Board of Trustees

Tom Ott, Presidentpresident@usguu.org

Scott Wolkenberg, Vice President, scottwolkenberg@gmail.com

Susan Smith, Secretary, susanbsmith11@gmail.com

Linda Brunn, lindabrunn@verizon.net

Michael Campbell, campbellm@email.chop.edu

Joanne Davis, chcomputerspa@gmail.com

Eva Finney, evamfinney@gmail.com

Bill Morrow, morrow@mttllaw.com

Eli Scearce, eliscearce@gmail.com

Nominating Committee: Chair, Alan Windle, awindle94@yahoo.com
Committee on Ministry
 Chair, Beth Lazer, bethlazer@comcast.net

Support Officers

Helena Tucker, Treasurer, treasurer@usguu.org

Sarah West, Assistant Treasurer, west.sarah@comcast.net

Michael Campbell, Consolidated Investment Fund (CIF), campbellm@email.chop.edu

Elaine Hills, Membership Secretary, elaine.l.hills@gmail.com

David Dearden, Counsel, ddearden@ksdbhealthlaw.com

Ministry Executive Team

Rev. Kent Matthies, Minister—kmatthies@usguu.org
Gloria Guldager, Church Administrator – admin@usguu.org
Linda Bernstein – fambern@verizon.net
Bill Dowdall –  Wpdowd@aol.com
Jenn Leiby – jennemont@gmail.com

Governance and Ministry Task Force

Andrea Parry, Chair, aparrysjm@gmail.com


Community Council: Treva Burger – trevawb@gmail.com

Master Plan Implementation Council (MPIC): Chair, Carolyn Cotton, cccotton@aol.com



Building and Grounds: Co-Chairs, Bill Blasdel and Kurt Ahrens, building_grounds@usguu.org

Capital Campaign Committee: Co-Chairs, Linda Bernstein and Bill Dowdall, capitalcampaign@usguu.org

Communications Committee: Chair, Gloria Guldager, admin@usguu.org

Nicholas Brown Memorial Education Fund: Chair, Shawn Miller, milshawn52@yahoo.com

Sullivan Assistance Fund: Norman Matlock, nmatlock@verizon.net

Investment Committee: Chair, Bill Morrow, morrow@mttllaw.com

Personnel: Chair, Position Open, contact Gloria Guldager, Church Administrator, admin@usguu.org

Service Auction: Co-Chairs, Sam Stormont & Linda Smith, serviceauction@usguu.org

Stewardship/Pledge: Chair, Christine Ginsburg, cginsburg123@gmail.com

Chalice Lighter’s Ambassador: Carolyn Cotton, cccotton@aol.com



Worship Arts Committee: Chair, Brian O’Leary, bnol@verizon.net

Sound Operators: Lead volunteer Bob Williford, rbwilliford@gmail.com

Videographer: Jeff Smith, germantownsmith@gmail.com

Ushers: Co-Chairs, Steve Conrad & Eric Foster, usher@usguu.org

Choir: Co-Chairs, Andrea Parry & Linda Smith, musicdirector@usguu.org

Music Ministry: No Chair, Position Open

Spiritual Development – spiritualdevelopment@usguu.org

Children’s Spiritual Development: Chair, Kira Baker Doyle, teacherkira@yahoo.com

Adult Spiritual Development: Chair, Gerry Whelan, asd@usguu.org

Small Group Ministries: Contact Jenn Leiby, sgm@usguu.org

Earth Honoring Traditions: earth@usguu.org

Seder Dinner: No Chair, Position Open

Retreat Committee: No Chair, Position Open

UU101: Andi Bernstein & Gale Gibbons, UU101@usguu.org


Caring Ministry Associates: Co-Chairs, Connie Simon, Linda Bernstein, Bonnie McDairmant, caring@usguu.org

Welcoming Community (Membership): Treva Burger, welcoming@usguu.org

Fellowship Hour: Coordinator, Alice Parker, fellowship@usguu.org

Social Justice

Social Action Coordinators: Anne Gwynn, annegwynn@gmail.com and
Mel Strieb, mstrieb@gmail.com

Denominational Affairs: Contact, Barbara Dowdall, gtnbassoon@aol.com

Ending Racism: Education: Parvathy Menon, Service: Judith Dederick, Public Witness: Barbara Dowdall, endingracism@usguu.org

MLK Day of Service coordinator: Connie Simon, internminister@usguu.org

PIHN Hosting: Co-Chairs, Carolyn Scott cwelchscott@gmail.com & Bonnie McDairmontbmcdairm6@gmail.com

Public Education Initiative (PEI): Chair, Barbara Dowdall, gtnbassoon@aol.com

Lingelbach Dinner: Chair, Tom Ott, tott@ccp.edu

Rebuilding Philadelphia: Linda Bernstein, fambern@verizon.net

Share the Plate Task Force: Chair: Eric Foster sharetheplate@usguu.org

Transformation Team: Chair, Eli Scearce eliscearce@gmail.com

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC): Contact, Dennis Brunn & Linda Brunn,dbrunn@verizon.net

Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UUUNO): Contact, Rev. Carolyn Stern, revcarolynstern@gmail.com


Sunday Morning Meditation: Contact, Sharon Mafuru at smallaxetz@gmail.com

Flower Table Guild: Contact, Elaine Hills, elaine.l.hills@gmail.com

Friday Morning Book Group: Contact, Carolyn Scott, bookgroup@usguu.org

Memorial Garden: Chair, Tom Schoonmaker, memorialgarden@usguu.org

Men’s Group: Contact, Mark Tuveson or Carl Slivak, mensgroup@usguu.org

Needle Exchange: Coordinator, Gale Gibbons, needleexchange@usguu.org

P.U.S.H.: Coordinator, Paul Teti, push@usguu.org

Young Adult Group: Contact Carly Danielsen, carlysdanielsen@gmail.com

Cooperative Nursery School
6509 Lincoln Drive, 1st floor
Philadelphia, PA 19119

UU House Outreach – Click Here to Email UUHouse or call 215-843-5881

Joseph Priestley District of the Unitarian Universalist Asscociation
Community Services Building
100 W. 10th Street, Suite 1008
Wilmington, DE 19801
FAX (302)778-4590
E-mail: cristina@jpduua.org
Web Site: www.jpd.uua.org
The Rev. Dr. Richard Speck, District Executive, Richard@jpduua.org

Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network (PIHN)
Rachel Falkove, Executive Director
7047 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19119
(215)247-HOME (4663)
FAX (215)247-0544
E-mail:  Rachel@philashelter.org
Web site:  www.philashelter.org

Murray Grove Association
P.O. Box 246
Lanoka Harbor, NJ 08734
E-mail:  murraygrove@murraygrove.org
Web site:  www.murraygrove.org

Unitarian Universalist Association
Rev. Peter Morales, President
24 Farnsworth Street
Boston, MA 02210-1409
FAX (617)367-3237

Email: info@uua.org
Web site:  www.uua.org
UUA Bookstore: (800)215-9076
Web site:  www.uua.org/bookstore

Anita Mentzer, Director


Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
130 Prospect Street
Cambridge, MA 02139-1845
FAX (617)868-7102
Web site:  www.uusc.org

Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office
777 United Nations Plaza, Suite 7G
New York, NY 10017
FAX (212)983-5498